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Nitrous Supply Nitrous Charging Kit

Mike Thermos and his team at Nitrous Supply have been working with leading forced induction racers to improve performance through adding a shot of nitrous into the intake tract. This increases performance and eliminates turbo “lag.” It’s ideal for both drag racing and drifting. The injection of N2O does three things. First, it significantly cools

Turbo Charging Kit
Nitrous Supply Inc. Launches New Website

Nitrous Supply, Inc. has launched its new website: The company, founded by nitrous oxide pioneer Mike Thermos, specializes in key components —like nozzles, valves and solenoids— that can enhance the performance of any brand system. Thermos, who has recently received a Lifetime Achievement “Wally” from NHRA for his contributions to drag racing and named

Carbon Fiber Bottles from Nitrous Supply

Both valves feature a 1/8 NPT gauge port to enable users to keep tabs on nitrous pressure.

Edelbrock Did Not Sell its Nitrous Business

A recent erroneous report stated that Nitrous Supply acquired Edelbrock, LLC’s nitrous oxide business. Edelbrock is still very much in the nitrous business and merely recently sold inventory to Nitrous Supply. The report was not authorized by Edelbrock and should be disregarded. Furthermore, Edelbrock, LLC is not affiliated with Nitrous Supply other than as a

Nitrous Supply Acquires Edelbrock’s Nitrous Line

Nitrous oxide pioneer Mike Thermos, best known as the co-founder of NOS and driving force behind the Pro Mod class, has acquired the complete inventory of nitrous oxide-related products from Edelbrock, LLC for his latest venture, Nitrous Supply, Inc. of Huntington Beach, CA. Commenting on the acquisition Thermos said, “Back some 20 years ago when

Nitrous Supply N20 Kits

Nitrous Supply is offering its popular Super Shot kit with an MSRP of $395.00.

Nitrous Supply ‘Supershot’ Budget Nitrous Kits

Called the “SuperShot,” this adjustable kit from Nitrous Supply can boost power in 100, 150, 200 and 250 HP levels. The easy-to-install kits are configured with plates for 4150 or 4500 series carburetors, or with a nozzle for EFI installations.

Nitrous Supply Hyper-Flow Valve

In its quest to improve the performance, reliability and safety of nitrous systems, Nitrous Supply—the firm founded by N2O pioneer Mike Thermos—has developed an improved bottle valve that can replace existing “Hi-Flow” designs on 5, 10, 12 and 15 lb. bottles.