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Power Up Those Engines

Selecting the Correct Power Adder for Your Customer There’s no replacement for displacement,” goes the adage. However, this may no longer true considering the kind of horsepower being pumped out of today’s boosted engines. Whether you’re building engines for stock, performance or a diesel application, chances are you’ll be working with an engine that is

Motovicity Adds Nitrous Express to Line Card

Motovicity Distribution has launched another premium brand onto their line card – Nitrous Express. The continuously innovative nitrous oxide company utilizes unparalleled technology that allows them to make accurate, dyno-proven horsepower claims.

Holley 4-Bolt Throttle Body Nitrous Plate Kits for GM LS Engines

If you’re running one of the many GM LS-based engines and would like to add up to 250 additional horsepower, NOS has complete nitrous kit options for you.

Forced Induction Facts

Many articles outline the guidelines and basic knowledge to follow when installing some form of a forced induction system. Sometimes you’ll see the “quick and easy way” to upgrade an existing forced induction system, like a turbo, supercharger and/or nitrous oxide system. What if your customer wanted a bigger turbo for a diesel engine or decided to change the pulley size of the supercharger, or maybe use a bigger shot of nitrous on a street car?

Race Tuner’s Biggest Challenges from a Piston-Maker’s Perspective

Gibtec may be a new name in competition piston-making, but its leaders aren’t new to the craft. Nick Plantus, one of the three founding partners of Diamond Racing in 1968 and his colleague, Rob Giebas from a younger generation, served roughly 20 years with the same operation, usually involved in development programs for NHRA Pro Stock programs. But when asked where he sees the biggest challenges in race engine tuning, Giebas responds with one word: Nitrous.

Holley Diesel Nitrous System

If you think the torque of that monster diesel is something to brag about, then you should feel it with the extra power of NOS from Holley. This kit p/n 02519NOS, fits all diesel applications and works well with stock and modified applications. Vehicles with computer upgrades will benefit even more as nitrous will aid