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Zengine Breaks Gender Barriers to Help Vehicle Owners

Fran Christopher has been instrumental in developing a new diagnostic tool that helps consumers save money on engine repairs. She says with inflation hitting people in the pocketbook right now, Zengine is an important new product for everybody. As the trend of older cars continues, understanding the overall health of the car’s engine with a

10 Things Your Diesel Customer’s Oil is Trying to Tell You

Not only does oil lubricate as a means of controlling friction but also has to control contamination, temperature, corrosion, shock, wear, and pressure. Oil analysis is the only true way to put a set of “eyes” on the engine’s condition and the condition of the oil as to when it should be changed.

Test Procedures Prove Race Oils Have Differences

One of the premier racing oil developers finally took the time (18 months) and spent the money (megabucks) to quantify the performance differences between various oil products.

10 Things to Learn From Oil Analysis

For most consumers, a preventive maintenance program for their automobile consists of nothing more than an oil change. While a regular oil change is very important, the most critical part of changing the oil is to know when to change the oil.