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FRAM Launches New Premium Oil Filter

FRAM®, has announce the launch of a new and innovative premium oil filter exclusively at Walmart, FRAM Synthetic Endurance™. FRAM Synthetic Endurance™ is a premium, high-flow synthetic oil filter that provides maximum protection and performance for up to 25,000 miles when paired with the appropriate synthetic motor oil. Engineered with a heavier steel construction, FRAM

System 1 Expands Oil Filter Offerings

System 1 Expands Oil Filter OfferingsSystem 1 Filtration Products has expanded its lineup of cleanable oil filters to include an extra-tall model that’s 7-3/4” in length, 3-3/4” in diameter, and ideally suited for robust automotive and light duty truck use. It’s equipped with a 35-micron stainless steel element that provides excellent filtration of lubricants up

Moroso Ford 4.6/5.4 Modular, Remote Oil Filter Adapter

This Moroso part enables the plumbing of external, wet or dry sump oil pumps when the lower port is plugged.

Moroso Oil Filter Adapter
FRAM Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter

Over 90% of FRAM Ultra Synthetic® oil filters are developed, engineered, and made here in the USA. They install easily and are designed to work with all motor oil types to deliver top performance and protection in all driving conditions.

FRAM Synthetic Oil Filter
FRAM Racing Oil Filter Line

FRAM has announced the availability of its new Racing Oil Filter product line. The new filters are ideal for use in racing and high-performance streetcars, and designed to help provide the winning edge in extreme operating conditions.

HUBB 8-inch Oil Filter for Class 5 and 6 Diesel Engines

HUBB has introduced a new 8-inch spin-on oil filter to its filter portfolio. This filter is designed for use on class 2 through 6 light and medium duty diesel engines that are typically seen in hard working pickup trucks, off road equipment, agricultural vehicles, buses and other vehicles and equipment.

HUBB’s High Performance Filter Wins Gold at International Design Excellence Awards

HUBB Filters has announced that its breakthrough performance filter has earned a Gold Award in the 2016 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Competition, an initiative of the International Design Society of America (IDSA). The judging is based upon design innovation, benefit to the user, benefit to the client, benefit to society and appropriate aesthetics.

IDUSA Launches New Premium Guard Extended Life Oil Filter

The new Premium Guard line is designed to deliver engine protection up to 10,000 miles when used with synthetic oil. International Distributors USA Inc. (IDUSA), a global supply network of automotive replacement parts, has announced its new line of Premium Guard Extended Life Oil Filters to meet the growing need for filters that are able