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Holley Gen III Hemi Swap Parts

Holley has released a ton of upgrade parts including new EFI Hi-Ram intake manifolds and swap application oil pans.

Holley Coyote Oil Pan

The new design utilizes a stock Coyote engine gasket and baffle assembly to provide factory-like sealing and windage characteristics.

Aviaid Low-Profile Billet 426 Hemi Dry Sump Pan

Measuring under 2˝ in total height, Aviaid’s new billet pan facilitates the lowest possible engine mounting position.

Moroso Ford 5.0L Coyote, 5.2L Voodoo Windage Tray & Oil Pan Gasket

Required when installing a Moroso oil pan and oil pump pickup on a Gen III engine or is a replacement windage tray/oil pan gasket on a Gen I or Gen II engine.

Moroso Chrysler Hellcat Drag Race Oil Pan

This pan fits the Chrysler Hellcat 6.2L and Gen III Hemis.

Moroso GM LS Aluminum Oil Pan Kit

Oil pan clears a 4.25˝ stroke with most steel rods, has a 6 quart capacity and is 5-3/4˝ deep. Features a Moroso-produced, heavy-duty, high-flow oil pump pickup and removable, heavy-duty stainless steel anti-slosh baffle.

Moroso Funny Car Dry Sump Oil Pan

Moroso has introduced a Chrysler, Keith Black, BAE and JP-1 Funny Car Dry Sump Oil Pan, Part No. 20049 that features “L” shaped billet aluminum, o-ringed oil pan rail for strength on the track and in the pits during repeated installation and removal.

Moroso Drag Race 8.5˝ Aluminum Oil Pan

Moroso has introduced a Dart/Rocket small block drag race 8.5˝ deep, Power Kick Out Aluminum Oil Pan, Part No. 21248 with -16 A.N. external pickup for external oil pump applications.

Moroso GM LS Drag Race Aluminum Oil Pan

Moroso has introduced a GM LS Drag Race 2016-Up Camaro and 2016-Up C.O.P.O Camaro 7 1/2˝ deep, aluminum oil pan with -16 A.N. external pickup for external oil pump applications.

Moroso Ford Coyote Aluminum Oil Pan

Moroso has introduced a Ford 5.0 “Coyote” 4 3/8˝ deep aluminum oil pan Part No. 20569 for Cobra replicas that require a shallow rear sump oil pan.

Moroso Oil Pan and Transmission Gaskets

Moroso has introduced an oil pan gasket for BBC Mark 4 engines and a transmission gasket for the GM 4L80E, 700R4 automatic transmissions.

Moroso GM LS Front Sump Oil Pan

This steel, 6.5 quart oil capacity oil pan fits LS Engine Conversions that require a Front Sump Oil Pan with a spin-on filter provision.