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Engine Oil & Racing Q&A w/ PennGrade1 and Leverich Racing

Engine Builder recently sat down with Ken Tyger and Nick Dixon of PennGrade1’s Green Team along with NHRA Top Fuel driver Nitro Joe Morrison of Leverich Racing to discuss engine oil and the demands of racing, as well as answer audience questions.

Diesel Oil Consumption

There are a few things that can cause consumption of your diesel oil. Some are in your control and some are out of your control. We’ll explain in this episode of the AMSOIL Garage.

Champion SAE 20W-50 Racing Motor Oil

Champion’s Racing Oil is suitable for use in all competition engines especially those using flat tappet and/or roller cams operating at high rpms and requiring high-pressure valve springs.

Piston Rings, Oil & Cylinder Wall Finish

A piston ring package is not only a seal for compression, it’s also controlling and distributing the oil on the cylinder walls of the block. The way a ring interacts with oil and the bore finish is critical to engine efficiency.

Diesel Engines Lacking Power?

If you’re a diesel owner, one of the reasons you probably love diesels is for the power. Diesel engines are known for their horsepower and long-lasting abilities, but even a diesel engine may sometimes experience a power issue, and that’s never what you want. In this episode of the AMSOIL Garage, we discuss a few

Moroso Pro Mod 6-Quart Dry Sump Oil Tank

The tank is machined out of billet aluminum with o-ringed sealing flanges, so it comes apart for ease of cleaning or inspection.

Driven Racing Oil Partners with Boostane

Driven Racing Oil, which traces its roots to blown NASCAR engines, and Boostane, which was spawned from a college term paper, will pool engineering and marketing resources to help each other expand into additional territories like grassroots racing, diesel and powersports. The companies confirmed the collaborative partnership, but stressed that a merger or acquisition is

Sit Down with Lake Speed Jr. of Total Seal Piston Rings

Total Seal Piston Rings’ Lake Speed Jr. came to Akron, OH toward the end of 2020, and Engine Builder took the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss his new position at Total Seal, how his background in tribology has translated to rings, and what he sees happening in the industry today and beyond.

Champion Modern Muscle 0W-40 for Gen III Hemi

Champion’s Modern Muscle 0w-40 motor oil benefits Hemi high-performance engines such as the Hellcat, Hellcrate, Redeye, Apache, and Demon.

Oil Clearances and Options for LS Engines

Oil clearances will not always be the same for each application. It is up to engine builders to decide what your customer’s oiling needs will be.

Diesel Oil Viscosity Options & Weights

Today, in the AMSOIL Garage, Engine Builder editor Greg Jones breaks down the key things all you diesel folks need to know in regards to oil viscosity options and oil weights depending on your vehicle application and use. This video is brought to you by AMSOIL.

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Diesel Oil for Smaller Diesel Engines

It is specifically engineered for use in smaller American diesel pickups, vans, cars and SUVs.