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Proven Performance – Vintage Classic Cars & PennGrade1 Oil

Find out why PennGrade1 should be in your classic car for the ultimate engine protection.

Champion Classic & Muscle Motor Oils

Champion’s Classic and Muscle Motor Oils are recommended for typically all non-catalytic converter equipped vehicles.

Why the Heavy Weights of Drag Racing Choose Light Weight Oils

Long before the oil ever enters the equation, the process to facilitate use of power-enhancing, low-viscosity oils begins with the engine builder.


The products AMSOIL has developed for the RV market are singularly engineered to improve performance, optimize fuel economy, extend drain intervals and prolong the life of RV engines.

New GF-6 Motor Oils Required Rigorous New Tests

As engines in cars, trucks and SUVs have become more efficient in an effort to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, the use of low viscosity motor oil has become an essential part of their operation. With advancements such as gasoline direct injected (GDI) and turbocharged direct injected (TGDI) engines came a request from automakers

Video: PennGrade on Proper Oil Viscosity and Drain Intervals

PennGrade 1 tells you what you need to know about proper oil viscosity and drain intervals for your vehicle.

Engine Builder Live Returns with an Engine Oil Q&A

This Live Stream Engine Oil Q&A will feature Ken Tyger of PennGrade 1® and Engine Builder Editor Greg Jones on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 11am EST. Join us for a Zoom Webinar where you can ask Ken all your engine oil questions – proper engine break-in, engine applications and oil specifications, oil intervals, additives, and of course,

Pennzoil ILSAC GF-6 Compliant Motor Oils

Pennzoil has already completed the ILSAC GF-6 testing protocol for its designated products. The protocol includes eight engine tests, seven of which are new.

Video: Using the Proper Break-In Oil

What you need to know about using the proper break-in oil.

Champion Oil HD Compressor Oil

Champion Professional Grade Heavy-Duty Compressor Oil is recommended for lubrication of single-stage, two-stage, and multi-stage reciprocating air compressors or rotary screw compressors.

Maxima Racing Oils RS Oil Series

For all high-performance engines, including flat tappet. Does not require additional additives or boosters. Compatible with all race fuels.

New API Gas Engine Oil Standards Coming May 1

As modern engines have been designed with tighter tolerances, and many with gasoline direct injected (GDI) and turbocharged direct injected (TGDI) engines, low viscosity motor oils are required for their operation. Low viscosity oils such as 5W-20, 0W-20 and even 0W-16 can also provide a fuel economy benefit. With these advancements came a request from