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MAHLE Motorsport Honda/Acura K24 2.4L PowerPak Piston Set

Ready to boost power in your Acura K24 or 2.4L Honda? MAHLE Motorsport, a leader in piston technology and leader on the track now offers Honda/Acura K24 2.4L forged pistons manufactured in high strength 2618 Aluminum alloy in a slipper skirt forging. Designed for reliability in extreme-duty applications, this set features heavy-duty 0.250” wall thickness H13

MAHLE Motorsport Introduces New Small Block Chevy Dish PowerPak Piston Set

MAHLE Motorsport’s SBC Dish PowerPak pistons are available either in a 2618 alloy or 4032 alloy, the kit comes complete with a 1.0, 1.0, 2.0mm file fit performance ring set, pins, and clips.

MAHLE Motorsport Ford 5.0L Modular Coyote Gen 3 Direct Injected PowerPak Piston Set

These pistons are dual coated with phosphate and MAHLE’s proprietary GRAFAL® coating for reduced drag and wear.

MAHLE Motorsport Introduces LS 5.3L (GEN 4) Flat Top Drop-in Forged PowerPak Piston Set

MAHLE Motorsport now offers drop-in replacement pistons designed for use with the factory Gen 4, i.e. 2005+ rotating assembly that minimizes machine work and maximizes reliability and performance for stock bottom end 5.3L LS engines.

MAHLE Motorsport 2.0L PowerPak Piston Set for the Ford ZX3 Engine

The pistons, weighing in at 307 grams, are dual coated with Phosphate to prevent micro-welding in the ring grooves and pin galling, and MAHLE’s GRAFAL® anti-friction skirt coating to reduce drag.

MAHLE Small Block Chevy 23-Degree USRA Factory Stock PowerPak Piston Kit

MAHLE’s new 23° SBC forged pistons for USRA Factory Stock are manufactured from high strength 4032 aluminum alloy and have a four equal valve relief design.

MAHLE Motorsport LS3 Flat Top PowerPak Kit for Trans-Am and TA2™ Road Racing

This Mahle piston kit is designed for extreme duty, power, and performance with added value to keep it cost effective.

MHALE Piston Kit
MAHLE Ford EcoBoost 2.3L PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

MAHLE Motorsport’s 2.3L PowerPak kit is loaded with value-added features for reliable power production for any 2.3L EcoBoost engine.

Mahle Ford EcoBoost Piston Kit
MAHLE Motorsport Ford EcoBoost 1.6L Shelf Stock PowerPak Plus Piston Kit

Available wherever MAHLE Motorsport pistons are sold, this complete high performance piston kit makes it easy for the engine builder that needs everything in one convenient kit including a 1.2, 1.2, 2.0mm motorsport ring set and 21mm steel pins and clips.

MAHLE Ford EccoBoost. PowerPak
Pro Circuit KX450F and RM-Z450 High-Compression Piston Kits

Pro Circuit’s newest products are High-Compression Piston Kits for the 2016-2018 KX450F and 2018 RM-Z450. Manufactured by JE Pistons to PC’s exact specifications, Pro Circuit pistons are forged from high-quality aerospace aluminum alloy.

FUELAB Prodigy In-Tank Power Modules

FUELAB Prodigy In-Tank Power Modules bring the company’s external fuel pump technology inside the fuel tank. Developed for racing and capable of street use, these fuel systems can provide fuel for up to 1800HP.