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Perfecting Ring Seal Soup

Using modern honing machines, surface finishes, crosshatch angles, ring materials, and coatings all combine to create a more efficient engine.

Pistal High Compression 100mm Drop-in Piston Kit

Made from forged aluminum, these Pistal pistons are both light and have high resistance.

Pistal pistons
Total Seal Severe-Duty High-Performance Diesel Rings

New Total Seal diesel ring sets are available for Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L, Duramax 6.6L, Powerstroke 6.4L to 7.3L, and custom sets.

NPR Performance Piston Rings

NPR of America, Inc. (NOA) a division of Nippon Piston Rings Co. Ltd, has announced an expanded range of high-performance piston ring sets for Ford, GM and Chrysler V8 engines.  A total of 28 bore diameters are now available in the three series – GNHD, GNHM and GNHS – available for American V8 engines.  Each

Reviewing Total Seal’s Gas-Ported Piston Rings

For our recent supercharged small block Ford build, we got hooked up with a set of 1.0mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm gas-ported rings from Total Seal Piston Rings. Lake Speed Jr. wanted to outfit our engine with a set of tricked out, super-thin rings that would maximize efficiency. Check out the review.

NPR of America Promotes Romy Laxamana to GM

NPR of America’s Rmoy Laxamana has been promoted from sales manager to general manager.

How to Check Piston Ring End Gap

Now that Danny has given an overview of piston ring differences and understanding piston ring end gap, he’s going to show you how to properly check it for your engine and application.

Understanding Piston Ring End Gap – Part 1

Piston ring technology has changed a lot over the years, and it continues to change. Different materials, different widths, different features, and so on mean that knowing what to set your ring end gap at becomes very important. In this episode, Danny walks you through what you need to know. More episodes on rings to

Using a Tapered Piston Installer | LinCo Lessons Ep. 1

LinCo Diesel Performance owner Jeff McCord shows you how to properly use a tapered piston installer. It’s easier than you think – once you know a good technique!

Bigger Radiator or Thinner Piston Rings?

We all recognize that internal combustion engines generate heat as a by-product of combustion. Both air-cooled and water-cooled engines deploy strategies to dissipate that heat. This is all done in an effort to keep the engine from running too hot. But what does that have to do with piston rings? Before we get to that,

Piston Rings, Oil & Cylinder Wall Finish

A piston ring package is not only a seal for compression, it’s also controlling and distributing the oil on the cylinder walls of the block. The way a ring interacts with oil and the bore finish is critical to engine efficiency.

Engine Tech Q&A Featuring Total Seal and EFI University

Join us for a live engine tech Q&A at 12pm EST on April 29, where you can ask Ben Strader, Keith Jones and Lake Speed Jr. all your burning engine questions. Nothing is off limits – everything from 11,000 rpm LS engines to 3,000 horsepower diesels and beyond is fair game for these experienced and