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ARP Piston Ring Squaring Tools

Setting a ring absolutely perpendicular to the bore is assured through use of the ARP Squaring Tool, which registers on the block deck. This is far more accurate than using a piston or other device that can rock in the bore and place the ring at an angle.

PERA Announces Piston Ring Webinar

Join PERA for a webinar on the ins and outs of materials and coatings for piston rings.Bill McKnight will discuss ring materials and face coatings used at the OE level in light truck and pass car production since 2007.

Pistons and Rings – The Technical Price for Horsepower

Pistons and piston rings have been a hot topic of discussion among engine builders. At some point in our past, it seems as though there have been some piston shape and design changes along with some applied thermal and friction coatings – the same can also be said for piston rings. Piston rings seem to have become smaller with different shapes, finishes and coatings.

Understanding Cylinder Blow-by

While this industry continually runs on tighter and tighter engine clearances, in today’s world of engine building, no one has yet to figure out how to run engine parts on zero clearance. There has to be some amount of space available or an engine simply won’t run. Thus, when it comes to pistons and piston

10 Things You Might Not Know (But Should) About Pistons and Rings

We asked various aftermarket piston and ring suppliers what type of questions commonly arise when a customer is buying a set of pistons or rings for an engine.

NPR of America Appoints Pim van den Bergh Manager, Business Development

NPR of America has announced that Pim van den Bergh has joined the firm to further develop its growing market share in piston rings, pistons and cylinder liners.

Pistons and Rings – The Technical Price for Horsepower

One of the most overlooked components of the internal combustion engine is the piston ring. It is, by scale, one of the hardest working components in the engine. And when you are building an engine, before choosing your piston rings you have to determine your application.

Hastings Invites Visitors to Check Out New Website

Hastings Manufacturing Company, a 100 year old global piston ring manufacturer, invites visitors to explore its new website. The new website has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality.

Choosing the Right Rings

Choosing piston rings for a performance engine build is not as simple as it sounds. Your ring choices may be limited depending on the dimensions of the ring grooves that are available. The location of the wrist pin may also limit what you can do with rod length and stroke if you want to build

MAHLE Motorsports Power Pak Piston Rings

MAHLE Motorsports is offering 1.0mm, 1.0mm and 2.0mm ring packages in many of its popular Power Pak piston assemblies, an additional 33% reduction in size. A shorter, narrower ring is more conformable, allowing it to maintain increased and more consistent contact with the ring groove and cylinder wall, resulting in vastly improved combustion sealing and