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Intellectual Horsepower – Ep. 5

We breakdown the recent news in racing and motorsports – everything from NASCAR and LeMans updates to the future outlook of the automotive industry to legends of the sport we recently said goodbye to, and more.

Intellectual Horsepower – Ep. 4

Ahead of the NHRA’s stop at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH, we got a chance to sit down with Top Fuel driver Clay Millican to talk racing and much more.

Intellectual Horsepower – Ep. 1

Welcome to Intellectual Horsepower, Engine Builder’s new podcast covering engine building, racing and performance topics. This episode we talk about NASCAR, NHRA, IndyCar, and more.

Industry Insiders: Krysten Anderson (Part 1)

Listen to Krysten Anderson talk about her start in Monster Jam and following in her famous family’s footsteps!

Episode 3: Insane Engine Moments – Earthquake

Most of us don’t have to worry about natural disasters like earthquakes. But for those of us who do, like Rich Olivier of TEM Performance Machine in Napa, CA, the threat is all too real. Find out what happens during Napa’s 2014 earthquake.

Episode 2: Insane Engine Moments – Dyno Fire

There are very few things more exciting than firing up a new engine. Something about the roar of an engine just makes you feel good. But that good feeling can quickly change to one of worry, especially if you find yourself in a similar situation as Taylor Lastor of TRE Racing Engines in Cleveland, TX.

Episode 1: Insane Engine Moments – Stolen Horsepower

As an engine builder, you never know what each day may bring. It’s always something different. However, Charlie Buck Jr., owner of Buck Racing Engines in King, NC, wasn’t expecting this!

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