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Twin-Turbo 461 cid Pontiac Engine

If you’ve ever seen a properly built “Bandit-style” Trans Am, it’s likely one of your favorite cars. Our whole crew was jealous of Nick Weigand at this year’s Sick Week, as Nick showed up in Florida with a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am that was just built beautifully, and featured a twin-turbo 461 cubic inch Pontiac engine under the wing-adorned hood.

1977 Trans Am with a Twin-Turbo 461 Pontiac Engine

During Sick Week this year, there were more cool cars than we could count. However, few stood out as much as Nick Wiegand’s 1977 Pontiac Trans Am featuring a twin-turbo 461 cubic inch Pontiac engine. We caught up with Nick at Bradenton Motorsports Park to get the full story of the build.

565 cid Big Block Chevy Engine

Looking to clinch a three peat at this year’s Summit Midwest Drags in the naturally aspirated class, Terry Miller was at the drag-and-drive event with his 1982 Pontiac Firebird that features a 565 cubic inch big block Chevy engine. Check out this 1,000-hp NA beast!

Terry Miller’s 565 cid Big Block Chevy Engine

Terry Miller of Miller Racing was at the 2022 Summit Midwest Drags looking for a three-peat in the naturally aspirated class. He and his 1982 Pontiac Firebird with its 565 cubic inch big block Chevy engine were ready for serious racing. We caught up with Terry to get a rundown of this 1,000-horsepower NA engine.

94mm Turbocharged 427 LS-Powered Pontiac Trans Am

What started as a sad roller rescued from Kentucky has since turned into a turbocharged 427 LS monster capable of 6-second passes and 250 mph. Thanks to the Chechaks and Vinson Racing Engines, this 1998 Pontiac Trans Am is a serious drag-and-drive contender. Check out what went into this 2,000-hp LS engine build.

A No Prep Kings Twin-Turbo 540 cid Big Block Chevy Engine

After Jeff Lutz wrecked his ’57 Chevy in 2021, he got to work on a new race car. The result is this ’04-’06 Pontiac GTO with a twin-turbo 540 cubic inch big block Chevy engine capable of a reliable 4,000 horsepower! Don’t miss the details!

Blown 414 cid Small Block Chevy Engine

Jeremy Bonnett is no stranger to the drag-and-drive scene. He’s been at it for a number of years. Those familiar will surely recognize his 1929 Pontiac featuring a blown 414 cubic inch small block Chevy. Check it out in our newest Engine of the Week!

Jeremy Bonnett’s ’29 Pontiac with a 414 cid Small Block Engine

During a rained out Day 2 of Sick Week, we came across a few hot rods lined up at Orlando Speedworld. Among them was Jeremy Bonnett’s 1929 Pontiac with a blown 414 cid small block engine.

All-Aluminum 535 Pontiac Engine

In this episode of Engine of the Week, we’re talking about an all-aluminum 535 cu.in. Pontiac engine built by Bill Ceralli of Ceralli Competition Engines for a drag racing application. According to Ceralli, this brand-new build is naturally aspirated, features a single carburetor, an All Pontiac Indian Adventures block and some used All Pontiac Tiger

461 cid Pontiac Stroker

When a customer wanted to change gears from his Pontiac 389 project to a 461 Pontiac Stroker, Andy Frontzak and the guys at Engine Rebuilders & Supply were happy to oblige. Check out this Engine of the Week.

570 cid N/A Pontiac Engine

Chris Uratchko of Uratchko Racing Engines only takes on engine work that piques his interest or offers him new, exciting challenges. So feast your eyes on this 570 cid Pontiac engine built for heads up drag racing that delivers 1,200 naturally aspirated horsepower! Find out the full details.