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Porsche to Move Away From Diesel for Electrification

Porsche has announced that it will no longer offer vehicles with diesel engines as the OEM pledges further investment in the areas of hybrid technology and electromobility.

Porsche 911 Engine Plant Production Line

Porsche 911 Engine Plant, Assembly Line Zuffenhausen

Revved Up – Why the Import Engine Market is on the Rise

For numerous reasons in recent years people have been fixing engine issues rather than replacing engines altogether, making for a strong outlook in the import engine market. There are several ways you can break into this market or improve your stance here if you’re already an import engine builder.

Porsche’s Le Mans 919 Hybrid Turbo Four-Cylinder Engine

For the first time Porsche is showing images of the centrepiece of its Le Mans winning Porsche 919 Hybrid. Back in 2014, the company entered the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) with the most innovative drive concept on the entire grid: a turbo charged four-cylinder combustion engine.

Porsche 996 C4 Complete Engine Rebuild

Complete engine rebuild of a Porsche 996 C4 with piston slap. The pistons, cylinder sleeves, IMS bearing, AOS, water pump, coolant hoses and more were all replaced during the build.

Five of the Best Sounding Engine Notes

Happy Friday! These five engines make sweet, sweet music.

Porsche’s 918 Spyder eAxle System

Part of what makes the 918 Spyder so revolutionary is its hybrid and plugin capability, which enables performance not attainable from a normal setup. The highly advanced eAxle system used on the 918 Spyder was developed in conjunction with Swedish firm and drivetrain industry leader GKN. The eAxle that supplements the 918 Spyder’s hybridized 4.6-liter V8 is an evolution of the company’s innovative eAxle drive.

Tech Spotlight: Variable Geometry Turbochargers

With the Green Revolution upon us, the turbocharger is making big waves. Whether it serves the purpose of making performance vehicles even more high performing, or just making our daily drivers more efficient. Turbocharged cars often experience ‘lag’ at lower speeds, due the time required for sufficient exhaust pressure to build up and spool the

Porsche Announces New 4-Cylinder Boxer Engine

Porsche’s decision to develop a new four-cylinder engine stems from its need to improve fuel efficiency and emissions ratings across its model line. The new engine will come standard in the Boxster and Cayman models. There has been talk of a four-cylinder 911, but that’s rather unlikely. The new engine features a horizontally opposed, “boxer” engine, denoting