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Foggit High-Performance Fogging Oil

Foggit protects your engine by displacing moisture from metal to prevent corrosion.

KBS Motor Coater Kit

The new KBS Motor Coater Kit comes with a variety of items to help keep your car or truck engine protected.

Scratching the Surface: Coatings and Treatments for Engine Components

When it comes to preserving performance parts, it’s the ‘Icing on the Cake’   Various kinds of coatings and surface treatments can be applied to engine parts like icing on the cake to improve durability, enhance scuff resistance and lubrication, control heat, boost thermal efficiency and reduce friction. No single coating or surface treatment can

Protect Your Business with the Right Insurance

Having the right kind of insurance is critical to your business and multiple insurance policies should be in place before you even open • Commercial Business Insurance: Commercial Property Insurance policies are either all-inclusive or risk specific and protect your office and its contents from damage caused by natural disasters, fires, or vandalism. your doors for

Employer Compliance: EEOC Addresses Six Priority Areas Of Claims Enforcement

In December of 2012, the EEOC laid out the details of its Strategic Enforcement Plan for fiscalyears 2013-’16 and identified six “national priorities” that focus enforcement efforts in the three general areas of hiring, pay and harassment. The six priority areas of claims enforcement are as follows: 1. Eliminating Barriers in ­Recruiting and Hiring. Last year, the EEOC