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New Fuel Rail Products From Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering has released several new products over the last two months. Take a look below to see what’s new. All products are in stock and available for purchase right now.

Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank

This pump is found in the Ti Automotive brushless fuel pump system and is also used with the Injector Dynamics brushless system.

Motovicity Adds Radium Engineering to its Growing Line Up of Brands

Motovicity Distribution has launched another premium brand onto its line card – Radium Engineering. Radium Engineering offers an expanding collection of motorsport parts and accessories for high-performance and racing.

Radium Engineering Performance Parts for Ford Shelby GT500

Radium Engineering has released three new bolt-on products for the 2013-14 Shelby GT500 including a dual catch can kit, fuel rail kit and coolant tank kit.

Radium Engineering Fuel Surge Tank for Fuelab Brushless Fuel Pumps

Radium Engineering has teamed up with Fuelab to offer a fuel surge tank specifically designed for Fuelab’s line of Prodigy in-tank power modules. Up to 720 LPH is available from a single pump.

Radium Engineering Large Diameter Fuel Rails and Bolt-On Catch Can

Radium Engineering has released a large diameter GM LS Fuel Rail Kit for LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, L76 and L99 engines that need additional volume for high fuel flow, and a bolt-on LS Catch Can that protects the engine from excessive blow-by during high performance driving.

Radium Direct Mount Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Radium Engineering has launched a unique adjustable fuel pressure regulator design with the introduction of its universal Direct Mount Regulator (DMR). The compact design of the Radium DMR requires only 2.5″ of clearance space at the end of a fuel rail, making it the perfect solution for applications with close tolerances or in engine bays that do not have accessible space for remote mounting.

Radium Engineering Fuel Pulse Damper

Radium Engineering has released two fuel pulse damper designs for use on high-performance forced induction and naturally aspirated vehicles using large aftermarket injectors. Radium’s FPD-XR fuel pulse damper is designed for vehicles with base fuel pressure between 43-78 PSI and the compact FPD-R fuel pulse damper is designed for vehicles with base fuel pressure between 40-45 PSI.

Radium Engineering Ford Coyote Fuel Rail Kits

Radium Engineering has released its Coyote Fuel Rail Kit (PN 20-0173) and innovative Coyote Fuel Rail Plumbing Kit (sold separately) for the Ford 5.0L Coyote modular engine found in the 2011+ Ford Mustang (including Boss), Ford F-150, and Australian Ford Falcon.