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America Recycles Day: How to Properly Dispose of Motor Oil

One of the items you should recycle is used motor oil, especially given the harmful effects it can have if spilled or allowed to seep into the ground. Did you know that one gallon of motor oil can contaminate a million gallons of water if poured into a storm drain? Luckily, used motor oil is one

Being Green Takes Some ‘Engine’uity

You might not have even realized, but by being an engine builder/rebuilder alone, you’re already contributing to making the environment a greener place. That’s right, it takes less energy and less material to rebuild an engine than it does to build a brand new one. So since you’re already being ‘green,’ why not go a few steps further?

Green Strategies: Recycled Engine Parts Save Profits

The list of reclaimed bare engine blocks on the Kenmonth Engine Company website ( is enough to warm the heart of any vintage vehicle collector. There’s an AMC 401-cid big-block for $800, five 1959 thru 1966 Buick “Nailheads” for $450 each, a 390 for a tail-finned ‘59 Caddy for $450, a 216-cid Chevy “Stovebolt 6”

Green Strategies: Recycling Options for the Engine Shop

Recycle or dispose. What’s the difference? It’s just trash, right? Not really. The old adage of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” profoundly rings true in automotive aftermarket’s own recycling niché: engine building. We know you set aside your metals from a wide range of vehicle repairs and modifications, but when it comes to