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The Best-Kept Secret to Generate More Referrals

As we all know, the most powerful form of advertising always has been, and always will be, word of mouth. Although every shop owner would like to believe the majority of their customers are songbirds, the reality is, they’re not. Here are some tips to help spread word about your shop.

The Best-Kept Secret to Generating More Referrals

The reality is that regardless of how well you treat customers, and no matter how pleased they are with your service, when your customers walk out of your shop they’ll step back into their busy lives, and they will forget about you. They will think of you again only when they have a need for your services, or when a friend engages them in a conversation about auto repair. Here’s an easy-to-use procedure that will turn your customers into salespeople, and fill up your engine shop with customers who are presold on you.