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Rein Automotive Water Pump Kit for Audi & VW 2.0L TSI Engines

Rein Automotive’s Water Pump features an aluminum thermostat housing that is more resistant to cracking and breaking than the original plastic housing and comes with an upgraded thermostat gasket.

CRP Automotive Names Joseph Hanson Product Manager for Rein Automotive

CRP Automotive has announced the appointment of Joseph Hanson as product manager for its Rein Automotive brand of automotive hoses, anti-vibration parts, suspension parts, and A/C parts.

Rein Automotive Genuine Anti-Vibration Parts

CRP Automotive offers a line of Rein Automotive genuine anti-vibration parts for a wide variety of popular applications on leading European makes and models from 1985 through to today.

CRP Automotive Rein Automotive Aluminum Stretch Bolts

CRP Automotive now offers Rein Automotive Aluminum Stretch Bolts for BMW engine applications. These stretch bolts are designed as replacements for the “one time use” only fasteners used by BMW to mount components such as transmissions, oil pans, water pumps, power steering pumps, and alternators to their engine assemblies.