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McLaren Ends Partnership with Honda, Teams Up Renault

Formula 1 team, McLaren Racing, and engine supplier Honda have agreed to bring their partnership to an end after three years. McLaren recently announced the team has signed a partnership with Renault Sport Racing for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 seasons

Infiniti Offers Engineering Students the Formula One Career Opportunity of a Lifetime

Infiniti’s global search for the best up-and-coming student engineering talent begins its third year with the launch of the 2016 Infiniti Engineering Academy. Students from all over the world have the chance to earn the career opportunity of a lifetime working at Infiniti Motor Company and the Renault Sport Formula One Team.

Renault Leaks Pictures, Details of 2015 Power Unit

With the Mercedes dominance of last year’s grid so profound and complete, much of the Formula 1 community is wondering if other engine suppliers can recover some of the lost ground, especially considering earlier news that Mercedes was up 50 hp over last year’s unit already. However, despite earlier reservations, Renault is confident in their power unit for this year, which they have just unveiled.

Could Our Cars Get Two Stroke Diesels?

The diesel engine, once only a bastion of trucks and European passenger cars, is becoming more and more popular every year, even here in the United States. Conversely, one technology that isn’t so popular is the two-stroke. After having a solid run in several cars throughout the decades, the two-stroke engine now seems mostly consigned

Renault Unveils Two-Stroke Twincharged Diesel Two Cylinder

The automotive industry is a strange place sometimes. That said, most of the new engines being released these days follow quite predictable patterns- either ultra-high compression turbodiesel or hybrid gasoline engines. However, Renault has just surprised us yet again. This surprise came in the form of the “Powerful,” two stroke, two cylinder diesel engine that uses twincharging technology to boost efficiency.