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Jesel Certified Performance Rebuilds

Engine components are serious investments for any racer and maintaining that investment could be the difference between winning a championship and losing it.

PROFORM Super-Street LS Pedestal-Mount Roller Rockers

PROFORM’s Super-Street LS Roller Rockers are for LS Gen III/IV V8 engines. Built to accommodate high-performance valve springs, up to 750 lbs., these rockers are constructed from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum.

Jesel Pro-Steel Rockers for 6.7L Powerstroke

Jesel Valvetrain Innovation’s new Pro-Steel Rocker system will be available exclusively through Kill Devil Diesel and its dealers.

Rocker Arm Tech – Part 3

In the previous two rocker arm videos, Steve Morris discusses rocker arm styles and types and the different rocker arm stands that there are. In this episode, he discusses rocker arm geometry and its impact.

Rocker Arm Tech – Part 2

In part 1 of this 3-part series on rocker arms, Steve discussed different rocker arms and rocker arm stand set ups. In this video, he goes over the rocker arm styles and what you should be looking for depending on your application or horsepower goals.

Rocker Arm Tech – Part 1

In this episode of Steve Tech, Steve Morris breaks down the fundamentals of rocker arms, rocker arm stands and valvetrain rocker arm geometry. Class is in session!

Valves, Rocker Arms & Pushrods

Just keep in mind your application, your rpm range and horsepower goals. The valvetrain puzzle falls into place from there.

Proform’s MOPAR Shaft-Mount Rocker Systems

These new shaft-mount systems are 1.5 ratio. They’re available for both small-block (LA), and big-block (B/RB) engines.

Proform Super Street Pedestal-Mount Rocker Arms

Designed for use in street, strip, and circle track applications, the roller rockers have an internal oiling system, and allow for larger springs and retainers.

Harland Sharp Celebrates 60 Years

Harland Sharp roller rocker arms has announced the celebration of their 60th year in the high-performance aftermarket automotive industry in January 2020.

Rocker Arms – Connecting Up Your Valve Train

Understanding how rocker arms work The rocker arms in an engine have one simple but very important function: transferring the opening and closing events from the camshaft to the valves. Well, we all SAY it’s simple, but is it? Questions about what works best are still asked by even the most seasoned professional. With all

Form, Fit & Function – Valvetrain Components Must Work in Harmony

The upper valvetrain is one of the most critical components in an engine build, so it’s essential you choose the right parts for the application and install them correctly. Here are some suggestions for getting things right: DON’T USE “STANDARD” LENGTH PUSHRODS Many variables can affect the length of the pushrods that are required to