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Harland Sharp Celebrates 60 Years

Harland Sharp roller rocker arms has announced the celebration of their 60th year in the high-performance aftermarket automotive industry in January 2020.

Rocker Arms – Connecting Up Your Valve Train

Understanding how rocker arms work The rocker arms in an engine have one simple but very important function: transferring the opening and closing events from the camshaft to the valves. Well, we all SAY it’s simple, but is it? Questions about what works best are still asked by even the most seasoned professional. With all

Form, Fit & Function – Valvetrain Components Must Work in Harmony

The upper valvetrain is one of the most critical components in an engine build, so it’s essential you choose the right parts for the application and install them correctly. Here are some suggestions for getting things right: DON’T USE “STANDARD” LENGTH PUSHRODS Many variables can affect the length of the pushrods that are required to

EngineQuest Ford FE Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly

EngineQuest has announced for the first time, immediate availability of 100% all-new assembled and ready to bolt on FE Ford Rocker Shaft Assemblies.

PRW Rocker Arm Rebates Are Back

PRW Industries is reintroducing its Rocker Arm Rebates this fall. Purchase any of PRW’s Performance Quotient Platinum Series Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Systems through any PRW authorized distributor and qualify for a $20 Visa gift card rebate.

PRW Industries Offers Rebate for Platinum Series Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Systems

Through the end of April, consumers who purchase any of PRW’s Platinum Series Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Systems through any PRW authorized distributor can qualify for a mail in $20 Visa gift card rebate. These Performance Quotient Series Rocker Arm Systems are engineered to maximize the valve train stability and efficiency. They are available for

PRW Sportsman Roller Tip Rocker Arms

PRW Industries, a manufacturer of high-performance engine components, has launched a consumer rebate program on its Sportsman Roller Tip rocker arms. The addition of a $5 pre-paid Visa gift card makes these popular rockers an even better value. Designed for engines with less than 350 psi of open spring pressure, these rocker arms are ideal

Scorpion Endurance ­Series Shaft Mount Rocker Arms

Take your rocker arms to the top level with more horsepower and reliability with race proven performance from ­Scorpion Racing. Give your small block Chevy the rock-solid valve control of shaft mount rocker arms. Made in the USA for the most demanding ­endurance racing applications, Scorpion’s Endurance ­Series Shaft Mount Rocker Arms smoothly transfer camshaft

Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms

The product of extensive testing, these CAD designed and FEA optimized rockers were engineered specifically for high-performance street engines. Constructed from extruded aircraft quality aluminum and CNC machined to precise tolerances, the superfinished surface increases durability and sheds oil. They are lightweight yet strong enough to handle aggressive spring pressures and higher lift cams while

Performance Rocker Arms

Pushrod engines new and old are still a hot topic. Overhead cams have been used in many European and Asian engines for years, so when Ford opted to go the overhead cam route with their 4.6L V8 engine, some predicted pushrod ­engines were on their way out. But, GM stuck with the pushrod design for