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Scorpion Endurance Series Shaft-Mount Rocker Arms

Scorpion’s Endurance series rocker arms feature fully-radiused bodies CNC-machined from 7000 series aluminum.

Proform’s MOPAR Shaft-Mount Rocker Systems

These new shaft-mount systems are 1.5 ratio. They’re available for both small-block (LA), and big-block (B/RB) engines.

PRW Stud Mount Pro Series Aluminum and Stainless Rockers

PRW Industries’ Stud Mount Pro Series 6061-T6 Aluminum rocker bodies are designed for engines operating with less than 750 psi of open spring pressure, while the 15-5ph stainless bodies will handle up to 850 psi. The strength and durability of both rocker arms reduces flex for more accurate valve motion as well as extended service life.