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Horsepower and Head Gasket Technology

Head gaskets have one of the toughest job in an engine, and now we’re pushing them harder than ever, making it easier to expose the slightest weakness.

Ryan Hunter to Retire from SCE Gaskets

Ryan Hunter, founder and president of SCE Gaskets, has announced he will be retiring and stepping away from the business. He penned a letter outlining additional details of the decision. He spent 33 years running SCE.  “Born from a desire to fund a family racing hobby, I started a tiny business in 1990 in my

Copper vs. MLS Gaskets for 1,500 HP

For a 1,500-hp capable engine, should it be sealed with copper or MLS gaskets?

SCE Gaskets Heavy-Duty Burst Panel Gaskets

Burst Panels are an important safety device in supercharged alcohol and nitro racing. To assist teams and engine builders during maintenance of an engine, SCE Gaskets now offers tough, steel core gaskets.