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5 Ways to Keep Your Business Out of Court

When it comes to business, there are so many things that owners need to do and think about to keep the shop running. The last thing they need is a lawsuit related to employment matters that can be easily avoided. Here are five tips to avoid employment lawsuits.

Who Do You Want To Work For?

Most of us that are shop owners get up, go to work, deal with customers and employees, answer the telephone, schedule jobs, order parts, and by the time we get that done in a day, it is past time to go home. But have you ever stopped to consider how a customer sees your shop? Why did he choose your shop over the one down the street?

The Truth About Stealing Employees

There is an expression that has been around our industry for decades that says if you run a good, ethical business, the one thing you should never do is “steal” employees. If you agree with that philosophy, this is one article you may want to read.

Tax Strategies For Engine Shops

Shop owners who are focused on serving their customers and operating efficiently are taking a little extra time to also get their financial house in order. They realize the value of the ABCs of a well-managed business: A for attorney, B for banker and C for CPA. These trusted advisers could help you focus on your customers and your business, while also ensuring you operate legally, effectively and profitably.

Leadership Tools for Resolving Employee Conflict and Improving Morale

Is your shop a hotbed of employee conflict? Even if we look only at generational differences, it’s not hard to see why employees can butt heads and morale can suffer. Millennials are replacing Gen Xers, who displaced the Baby Boomers before them. Each group grew up in a vastly different world, and each has their