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Darton Sleeves’ Seal Tight Sleeve Kits

Darton’s sleeve kit maximizes fitment and installation ease.

Installing Flanged Sleeves in a Cummins Block

Jeff McCord at LinCo Diesel Performance walks you through the necessary steps for properly sleeving a block. It might sound like a simple process, but any errors can mean catastrophic head failure down the road.

Press Fitting Cylinder Sleeves

There’s something extremely satisfying about a good sleeve job on an engine. There’s also a number of ways sleeves can be installed, so Jeff McCord of LinCo Diesel Performance shows you the way his shop does it and how it helps in high-horsepower diesel applications.

Melling 6.7L Powerstroke Oil Pump Kit and Sleeve Installation

In this video, Melling’s Tech Director Cale talks about the proper procedure for installing the oil pump kit and sleeve for the 6.7L Powerstroke engine. Melling part number K567.

Sleeving an Engine – Part 2

Once you’ve selected your sleeve, you have to make sure it’s properly installed and machined in order to put the engine back together. Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines explains the sleeving process.

Sleeving an Engine – Part 1

There are a few different sleeve types when it comes to repairing a block or setting up your engine for additional horsepower. Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines discusses the different options and what he likes to do in his engine builds. This is Part 1 of a two-part video.

Inside PowerBore Cylinder Sleeves

Engine Builder gives you an inside look at PowerBore Cylinder Sleeves’ Salem, OH manufacturing facility. See the process PowerBore uses to manufacture its sleeves and install them into an engine. For more information: PowerBore Cylinder Sleeves

Dry Sleeving Engines

As aluminum continues to be a preferred material for newer engine blocks, and as existing cast iron blocks continue to be driven for more and more miles and under tougher and tougher operating conditions, sleeves continue to be the saving grace.

Sleeves and Liners – Metallurgic Magic

Dry sleeves and wet liners have long been used to repair and restore cracked or worn engine cylinders, but they are also used to reinforce aluminum blocks that are being built for serious performance applications.

Honing Aluminum Blocks

Manufacturers who produce “linerless” hypereutectic aluminum blocks today include Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Yamaha. Most late-model engines have aluminum blocks to save weight, including most of the familiar domestic V8s such as Chevy LS, Ford 4.6L modular and 5.0L Coyote, and Chrysler 5.7L and 6.1L Hemi. Yet these have iron sleeves.

Liners and Sleeves

Sleeves are certainly not new technology and experts say that, for the most part, engine builders and machine shops understand the use and functionality well. But is a liner and a sleeve the same thing? Is a hole just a hole? Publisher/Editor Doug Kaufman takes a deeper dive.

Piston and Sleeve Finishing and Break-In Tips

When finishing diesel cylinder bores or sleeves, a two or three step process that results in a plateau finish is usually best to reduce ring break-in and seating time. The type of honing stones, feed and pressure used to finish the cylinders will vary depending on what kind of finish you want to achieve.