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Chevy’s New ZZ6 Engine Celebrates 60 Years of V8 Power

Developed with contemporary technologies, including a high-rpm valvetrain, Chevrolet Performance’s new ZZ6 engine offers builders a modern twist on the classic Chevy Small Block 350. It uses updated Fast Burn cylinder heads with beehive-style valve springs inspired by the LS engine family.

Holley Tri-Power Intake Manifold and Carburetor Systems for Small Block Chevys

Holley has announced the release of Tri-Power intake manifold and carburetor systems for small block Chevy engines. The Holley Tri-Power Carburetor System is well-known in Chevrolet circles. It was factory equipment under the hood of the legendary big block L71 and L89 Corvettes.

Hedman Hedders Large Runner Mid-Length Header for 1982-2004 Chevy S10 and Blazer Small Block Swap Line

With the introduction of Hedman Hedders’ new 1 3/4-inch diameter, mid-length headers, S10V8 fans can finally get the most out of their truck’s heavily modified small block. Hedman’s new, larger tube headers for small block-swapped 1982-2004 (2WD only) Chevrolet and GMC S10/S15s, Chevrolet Blazers, and GMC Jimmies are created with power and efficiency in mind.

World Products Windsor Style Small Block

World Products has revised its small block Ford castings to make the blocks even stronger and easier to build. Available with a 302 style 8.200″ deck height or a Windsor style 9.500″ deck height, the Man O’War blocks are packed with performance enhancing features such as higher grade iron alloy for even greater strength. See World Products at PRI in booth #1343.

Piston Removal – Chevy V8 Small Block Engine

This video shows how to remove pistons, starting with the rod caps. You’ll also get to see the crankshaft, rod bearings and journals for the first time and inspect them for damage as they come out. Great tips on protecting the cylinder bore while removing the pistons and connecting rods. This video doesn’t recommend using a ridge

Pro-Filer Performance Products All-American Small Block Ford Cylinder Head

Pro-Filer Performance Products, Inc. introduces its All-American Small Block Ford Cylinder Head. This Small Block Ford cylinder head features a .750” raised exhaust port, revised spark plug location, a CNC-ported ­combustion chamber, and an “as cast” 205cc intake runner with a 2.05” intake valve. The All-American Small Block Ford head was designed to win with

Thermal Cleaning a Cast Iron Intake Manifold

John Edwards at Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine Shop shows you how to perform thermal cleaning on a Small Block Chevy intake manifold  using the Sunnenn TCS (thermal cleaning system).

New Magnum Performance Gaskets Welcomed at PRI Show

Indianapolis, IN – The 2013 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, held December 12-14 at the Indiana Convention Center, was undoubtedly the biggest and best in the show’s long-running history. It was the perfect opportunity for the “who’s who” of the racing and street performance business to get acquainted with the new line of Magnum Performance

Kroyer Racing Engines Powered ID Designs Trophy Truck

Masterpieces in Metal – This Galindo Motorsports ID Designs Trophy Truck features a powerplant from 2013 Performance Engine Builder of the Year winner  Kroyer Racing Engines of Las Vegas, NV. The engine is a 455 cu. in. Chevrolet Small Block that puts out 785 hp with torque listed at 695 lb-ft.

Magnum Gaskets By MSI Makes ‘Bold Moves’

“Times Change. It’s Time for Magnum Gaskets” has been the introductory slogan for Magnum Gaskets for the past two years. That slogan has taken on new meaning for Modern Silicone Technologies (MSI) as it has established its Magnum Gaskets aftermarket brand in the market in that time. The company says its focus is now on

Dual Idler Gear Drives from Cloyes Gear and Products

Company: Cloyes Gear and Products The Heavy Duty Idler Shafts are the key to an accurate and consistent Power Stroke. Replace your Chevy Small Block stock timing chain with a Precision Gear Drive.  Known for years to simulate that “Blower sound,” Gears are cut from Billet Steel, and Heat-Treated for extreme durability.  The Heavy Duty Idler