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Snap-on EPIQ 16-Drawer Roll Cab

As tool inventories expand, so does the need for an all-around storage system capable of holding everything from small sockets to large power tools. The Snap-on KETN843A EPIQ 84-Inch 16-Drawer Roll Cab is a tool storage beast built to withstand tough jobs and even tougher technicians.

Snap-on ECKO Remote Locking System

Available exclusively as a factory install for the EPIQ series roll cabs, the new Snap-on ECKO Remote Locking System provides innovative, hassle-free tool protection. ECKO adds a convenient layer of security taking tool storage to the next level.

Snap-on Rechargeable Shop Light

The new Snap-on ECFBAR300 Rechargeable Shop Light features an innovative Chip-On-Board LED, efficiently delivering more light while maximizing battery power. This powerful shop light is ideal for use under hood, under car, in the trunk or anywhere else requiring additional, reliable lighting.

Snap-on Tools Product Catalog

Snap-on Tools new product catalog (CAT1300) showcases more than 17,500 products, including the latest in hand tools, tool storage, power tools, diagnostics and shop and technician solutions. CAT1300 also pays tribute to the company’s 95th anniversary being celebrated in 2015.

Snap-on Matte and Flat Finish Cleaner

Service technicians know that investing in their tool storage unit means protecting their most valuable asset: their tools. It is equally important to protect the tool storage unit itself. Snap-on Matte and Flat Finish Cleaner is ideal for keeping a Snap-on tool storage unit looking like new.

The Snap-on Two-Piece 3/8-inch Drive Impact Swivel Extension Set

The new Snap-on Two-Piece 3/8-inch Drive Impact Swivel Extension Set (202IPFX) gives professional engine builders superior access to fasteners that are difficult to reach straight on, such as transmission bolts, drive line bolts, exhaust manifold bolts and cylinder heads. “Engine builders are always looking for tools with the versatility and increased efficiency of our new 202IPFX

Snap-on Introduces “Must Have” Cam Gear Holder

Company: Snap-on The new Snap-on Cam Gear Holder (CGH1236) features a hole at the center of the tool which allows a socket to be inserted for removal of the cam gear bolt. Replacing the cam gears on Chrysler and Dodge vehicles can be a challenging chore without the right tool. The new Snap-on Cam Gear Holder (CGH1236) makes the removal and