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How To Put Your Facebook Page To Work

A couple months ago, we walked you through the setup of a Facebook business page. Hopefully you’ve gone ahead and created that page and took some time over the last couple months to play around with ways to engage with an audience. If not, go back and check out the February issue. It’s worth your while to do so!

Change Your Social Status

If you haven’t noticed one of our newer article series in the past 18 months called Engine of the Week, first off, where have you been living? Kidding, of course, but in all seriousness, Engine of the Week has been a popular article series for us where we tell a little bit of YOUR story

ARMEX Launches Social Media Networks

ARMEX, a global brand of baking soda used for non-destructive abrasive blasting has launched social media networks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Marketing in the Age of Social Media

The ability to create a brand is no longer under the control of a product or service provider, nor the ad agencies. In today’s world, brands are now created by one entity more than any other, and that entity is social media.

Purolator Launches Refreshed Website and Social Media Channels

Purolator has launched an updated website to further support a renewed quest for innovation and commitment to delivering advanced solutions for rapidly changing engine and oil technologies.

Taking On the Internet

According to Engine Builder’s latest Machine Shop Market Profile, 56 percent of our readers don’t use a website for marketing and sales of their services. That needs to change. Here are some helpful tips to get your business into the 21st century.

Web Tools: Improving Business Through the Internet and Social Media

For years, engine shops have used the Internet to try and increase business. But too often, a shop’s website wasn’t being used to it’s full potential. Today, engine professionals are using their website as a tool to increase profits by selling reman/rebuilt components from their shop online.

King Bearings Announces New Social Media Activities

In an effort to better connect with customers, dealers, and friends, King Engine Bearings has recently launched new social media activities that will provide technical information, new product announcements and other industry news. Focused on King’s racing activities, the company has embraced Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ as a means for sharing information. In this

Motorist and Performance Interaction Has Moved Online. Have You?

The numbers are mind-boggling: 134 million smartphones are used in the U.S. alone and every quarter 8% more Americans select a smartphone.   By Uwe Kleinschmidt, CEO, AutoVitals The numbers are mind-boggling: 134 million smartphones are used in the U.S. alone and every quarter 8% more Americans select a smartphone. If that doesn’t surprise you,

Getting Social: Are You Linked In LinkedIn?

Discover why LinkedIn is more than just a social networking platform but a valuable business tool for your engine shop. Are confused by LinkedIn? Don’t know what it is? Do you believe it has a place in our industry? Do you feel it’s just too complicated for you to even hope to achieve anything by