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OPEN MIND Introduces New Functionality in hyperMILL 2022.1 CAD/CAM Software

Highlights in hyperMILL® 2022.1 include a new break-edge function for contour milling, combined pocket milling together with a finish path allowing cutter compensation, and increased efficiency for 3D plane machining.

OPEN MIND hyperMILL 2021.2 CAD/CAM Software

The hyperMILL 2021.2 CAD/CAM software suite offers users innovative and enhanced features for efficient, user friendly machining in applications ranging from 2.5D to 5-axis.

Software for Engine Builders and Shops

I’m at the perfect age: old enough to know better, but still young enough to try. That also means that my generation is old enough to remember the sound of a typewriter, rotary phones, factory carburetors,  and we got in on the ground floor of the PC revolution. Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone in

Polaris Systems, Inc. Announces New Polaris XA Software

Polaris Systems, Inc. has announced its next generation of software, Polaris XA. Partnering with Rocket Software to develop this product, the new software will be released in Q4 2016.

Computer ‘Tools’

Infusing Software Technology into a Performance Build For years, computer-aided ­design (CAD) has been used in the automotive industry to develop prototypes of body styles, as well as to design auto components including engine parts, ­electronics and even tires. In fact, Dr. Patrick J. Hanratty, an American computer scientist who is known as the “Father