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Valve Springs

High-frequency fatigue, also known as harmonics, are a ubiquitous challenge in racing engines and can potentially wreak havoc on the valvetrain if left unchecked. Well-designed valve springs play a pivotal role in managing this, ensuring essential stability, and minimizing wear on valvetrain components.

Elgin LS Engine Superfinished Beehive Valve Springs

These valve springs feature a micro-engineered surface finish and multilayer fatigue enhancement, which eliminates potential surface defects and prolongs spring life.

Isky Dual Valve Spring Set

These springs feature drop-in installation and are wound from chrome silicon wire.

PAC LS Beehive Springs

This drop-in beehive spring for LS engines provides similar loads and lift capabilities of many 660 lift dual springs, while saving around 30 grams per valve.

New PAC Racing Valve Springs

The PAC-1369 spring is a proven winner in Mountain Motor Pro Stock and Top Sportsman applications.

Adjusting Valve Lash on Diesels

Jeff McCord of LinCo Diesel Performance gets a lot of inquiries about valve lash, so he decided to make an episode of LinCo Lessons dedicated to it.

Danny Soliz Says – Document Your Work

Danny Soliz of Hill Country Performance & Machine says no matter what you’re working on when it comes to engines, you should always document your work, especially when it comes to cylinder head work and all the valvetrain components involved. Danny also gives a few bonus tips in this episode.

RIMAC Big Blue Spring Tester

The 1000-lb. Big Blue Spring Tester is now available in limited quantities and is popping up on websites and speed shops via Specialty’s wholesale distribution network.

What to Consider for Valvetrain Selection

Valvetrain components all work in conjunction to allow air or the air/fuel mixture in and exhaust gases out of the engine, and the selection process for the proper parts can be complex.

Starrett High Throughput Rotary Table Springs Force Tester

The L.S. Starrett Company, a global manufacturer of precision hand tools/gauges, a broad range of force testing, metrology equipment, and more, has introduced a newly designed Rotary Table Springs Force Tester. The system is setup to test multiple springs in a single setup without the need for additional operator input as required when springs are

Melling Acquires Performance Springs UK Ltd.

Melling Engine Parts CEO Mark Melling announced the acquisition of Performance Springs UK Ltd. based in Blackpool, England.  Performance Springs specializes in design and manufacturing of springs for the automotive and industrial sectors. Recently Performance started supplying Melling its aftermarket needs from its 20,000 sq.-ft. facility. The acquisition brings together two talented teams focused on providing

Selecting Pushrods, Rockers and Springs for Your Build

Everybody knows you need the right combination of valvetrain components to maximize an engine’s power potential. The trick is figuring out which components are the “right” ones for a given application. A high revving engine with an aggressive cam needs lightweight rocker arms and stiffer valve springs to keep up with the cam.