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Sprint Car Engine Update

Sprint Cars are exciting to watch and even more exciting to drive, but, like most other forms of racing, the costs to run a competitive car have ballooned in recent years.

Racesaver Sprint Car Engine Part 2 – Engine Block Selection and Prep

This is the second in a series of articles about building a competitive sprint car engine that can successfully compete with crate and spec motors at a customer-friendly, business-boosting price point.  GM made many different block castings. For this project the older 2 piece main seal are preferred. There is a list of legal casting

Racesaver Sprint Car Engine Part 1 – Developing the Program

The fastest way to become a millionaire in racing, of course, is to start with two million. Sprint cars are no exception but a gentleman named French Grimes came up with an affordable alternative called Racesaver. His idea was a smaller engine that could be put together by anyone and raced competitively for a number

MAHLE Motorsports Sprint Car 360ci Box-In-Box Pistons

MAHLE Motorsports now offers a Box-In-Box piston for the Sprint Car 360 series. The new 360ci Box-In-Box is similar in features to the company’s 410ci Box-In-Box. Both offer strength and durability for high output engines in a lightweight forged design that uses considerably less mass.

2015 NMPA Sprint Most Popular Driver Award Voting Open

The National Motorsports Press Association and Sprint have announced that voting for the 2015 NMPA Sprint Most Popular Driver award opened Sunday, September 6. The NMPA Sprint Most Popular Driver award is the only major NASCAR award determined solely by fan vote.

Building Stocks and Sprints

To be successful in the performance market, you need to deliver a product or service that a competitor not only needs, but will help make him a winner. To find that product or service, you need to spend time with them to understand the needs of the racers.