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Engine Dyno Absorbers – Part 2

Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines tells you what you need to know about the functionality of an engine dyno absorber and how he utilizes an absorber on his shop’s engine dyno set up.

Engine Dyno Absorbers – Part 1

Steve Morris walks you through the parts, pieces and basic functionality of an engine dyno absorber.

Chassis Dynos Explained: Part 2

We join Steve in his shop as he puts this twin 66mm turbo LQ9 through the paces on the chassis dyno. The customer is looking to get some more horsepower out of it for Drag Week.

Crankshaft Balancing – Part 2

Watch to see the steps for a proper balance job.

Crankshaft Balancing – Part 1

In this episode of Steve Tech, Steve Morris breaks down what goes into a proper balancing job for a performance engine.

Engine Tear Down Time Lapse

Steve gets Tom Bailey’s SMX engine back at Steve Morris Engines to be torn down after some record-setting race efforts. See what Steve finds once he gets inside!

The Importance of Block Resurfacing

Resurfacing the decks on blocks and heads is vital to getting high performance out of your engine.

Understanding Bearing Clearances: Part 2

Bearings may seem simple, but bearing selection, fit and installation can make or break your engine build. Steve Morris explains in part 2 of understanding bearing clearances.

Understanding Bearing Clearances: Part 1

Proper bearing clearance is a recipe that includes three key ingredients: the bearing, the crankshaft and oil.

Video: Engine of the Week – 481X Top Sportsman Engine

In this video we talk to the master of 1,000+ hp boosted engines – Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines – about this 481X Top Sportsman engine capable of 3,500 hp!

Supercharged 481X Top Sportsman Engine

Steve Morris and his shop, Steve Morris Engines, specialize in boosted, supercharged and turbocharged engines, and only build motors with more than 1,000 hp! This 481X Top Sportsman engine is no exception. Find out what went into making this 3,500 hp powerplant.

Steve Morris Engines’ House-Built V16 Engine

Steve Morris Engines has unveiled an in-house built V16 with quad turbochargers that is slated to appear in the much-hyped and much-criticzed Devel Sixteen hyper car. The amount of horses is insane.