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Goodson’s Stroker Mimic Tool 

This tool eliminates the need to install and remove the crankshaft, pistons, rod assemblies and necessary bearings when clearancing the block for the stroker crank.

428 Ford FE Stroker

After finding suspicious workmanship on this Ford FE Stroker done at a shop in America, Chris Morus of Elite Engine Building in Victoria, Australia was given the engine to do the job right. See what went into this FE Stroker build!

347 Ford Stroker Engine

Daniel Mishustin had always wanted to take on a large car project. He finally got his chance when he bought a worn out 1968 Mustang with a 302 Ford V8 that needed a rebuild. He turned it into a 347 stroker and we have the details.

348 Chevy Stroker Engine

When Neil Riley graduated high school, he was eager to get his hands dirty in the auto industry. He landed a job as a diesel mechanic, but soon had a desire to build performance engines and found himself at home at Newco Performance Engines in Kentland, IN. He started working at the performance engine shop

461 cid Pontiac Stroker

When a customer wanted to change gears from his Pontiac 389 project to a 461 Pontiac Stroker, Andy Frontzak and the guys at Engine Rebuilders & Supply were happy to oblige. Check out this Engine of the Week.

348 Chevy Stroker

Neil Riley and three partners bought Newco Performance Engines last October. They’re now making their mark as a performance engine shop in Kentland, IN and building engines like this 348 Chevy Stroker! Find out what went into this sleeper Chevy build.

Ford FE Stroker Build

Guardian of the Galaxie  How Ford’s FE Engine Rose from the Ashes of Disaster to Become a Versatile Veteran Ford’s FE engine has had a rich history that, today, is often overlooked or at least misunderstood. Many of us who have been around awhile have heard the term FE, but not a lot of people of today’s

Stroker Mania

Years ago, it was a big hassle and expense to stroke an engine. But one reason stroking is so popular today, is the convenient availability of the parts – usually sold in kit form to acquire those extra cubes. Many different strokes are offered from many different suppliers.

Chevy’s 348 and 409 ‘W’ Motors

Chevy’s 348 and 409 ‘W’ motors are having no problem keeping their popularity going. In fact, judging by the numbers of high quality parts being made for these motors today, they may even be more popular than ever. The quick and dirty of W motors and their parts today is that you can sit at