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347 Ford Stroker Engine

Daniel Mishustin had always wanted to take on a large car project. He finally got his chance when he bought a worn out 1968 Mustang with a 302 Ford V8 that needed a rebuild. He turned it into a 347 stroker and we have the details.

348 Chevy Stroker Engine

When Neil Riley graduated high school, he was eager to get his hands dirty in the auto industry. He landed a job as a diesel mechanic, but soon had a desire to build performance engines and found himself at home at Newco Performance Engines in Kentland, IN. He started working at the performance engine shop

Modern Stroker Kits

Folks have been stroking engines as long as hot rodding has been around. Swapping Merc cranks in Ford Flatheads was a surefire recipe for a fast car. And as you can see from this as well as past Engine Builder Stroker Resource Guides, there is a kit for virtually any engine worth modifying.

Building A Ford 460 Stroker

Any automotive enthusiast would agree that the quest for more power is the true addiction. From simple bolt-ons to hardcore internals such as different bore and stroke combinations tend to fuel our burning desire. Every enthusiast seems to have a passion for a particular brand of manufacturer. Take for instance the Flathead Ford V8 engine.

Building a Ford 460 Stroker

Every enthusiast seems to have a passion for a particular brand of manufacturer.

Stroker Mania

Years ago, it was a big hassle and expense to stroke an engine. But one reason stroking is so popular today, is the convenient availability of the parts – usually sold in kit form to acquire those extra cubes. Many different strokes are offered from many different suppliers.

Choosing Camshafts – Picking Performance

  Choosing the “right” cams­haft is not only the cornerstone of building a performance engine, but also its centerpiece. Choosing a cam can give anyone a headache – especially if they choose the wrong cam for a given application. There’s a lot of science involved in cam selection, so keep reading and we’ll help you