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762 cid Naturally Aspirated Hemi Engine

Known for 500-1,000 cubic-inch engines for drag racing, truck pulling, extreme muscle cars, and boat applications, Sonny’s Racing Engines has been delivering innovative engine designs and uncompromising performance for more than 50 years. Excellent examples of that engineering are the engines the shop built for Sunnen’s Charity Engine Sweepstakes at previous PRI shows. The 2019

762 CID Hemi
Sonny Leonard 727 cid Hemi Engine

Valued at over $66,000, this 727 cid Hemispherical Headed engine built by Sonny’s Racing Engines was prominently displayed at the 2018 PRI Show in Indianapolis as Sunnen’s 30th Annual Charity Sweepstakes engine. The proceeds benefitted Victory Junction, a camp for children living with serious medical conditions. Find out how much horsepower and money this powerplant

Sunnen’s 2019 Charity Engine Sweepstakes to Feature 1,400HP Sonny Leonard Engine

Sonny Leonard and the team from Sonny’s World Class Racing are building a 1400 horsepower, high-performance engine for the 31st annual Sweepstakes during PRI 2019.

Sunnen’s 30th Engine Charity Sweepstakes Prize to be Sonny Leonard-Built 727 cid Hemi

Sonny Leonard and the team from Sonny’s World Class Racing, Lynchburg, VA, have volunteered to build a high performance engine for the Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes at PRI. This will be the 30th anniversary of the Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes.

Sunnen Sweepstakes Raises $50K For Victory Junction

The Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes has announced a grand total of $50,000 will be donated to Victory Junction as a result of the 2017 raffle sweepstakes of a 454 cid Procharged LS engine built by Patterson-Elite Performance.

454 cid Procharged LSX Engine

Engine of the Week returns in 2018 with a special 454 cid Procharged LSX engine built by Patterson-Elite Performance for Sunnen’s Charity Engine Sweepstakes for Victory Junction. The 1,300 hp LSX helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for a good cause.

Enter Sunnen’s Charity Engine Sweepstakes

Join the tradition to raise funds for Victory Junction and enter for a chance to win a high-performance race engine built by Patterson Elite Performance.

Join PERA for a Webinar on Measuring Tools for Geometry and Surface Finish

In this webinar, Bob Dolder of Sunnen Products will cover: measuring tools for geometry and surface finish, tooling and the variety of different abrasives and how they affect honing engine blocks.

Annual Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes Proceeds Presented

Representatives from PRI and Sunnen traveled to Victory Junction in Randleman, NC, last month to tour the facility and present a check for $42,000 collected through last year’s Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes at the PRI Show.

Sunnen SH-4000 Honing Machine

Sunnen’s SH-4000 honing machine delivers the tolerances that top builders require for high-performance engine parts. Its bore concentricity and parallelism minimize friction, limit wear, and improve engine response across the rev range.

2016 Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes Tops $40K

Featuring an all-new engine builder—and grand prize race engine—for 2016, the annual Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes raised more than $40,000 for Victory Junction during this year’s PRI Show.

LSX 454 DR Sunnen/Victory Junction Charity Engine

The core of this engine is a stock, right-from-the-GM-factory LSX 454 DR. And that is where the “stock” aspect of this engine stops. Nick Ferri of Patterson-Elite Performance says the engine has $40,000 worth of aftermarket parts that help this engine put out 859 hp and 663 lb.-ft. of torque along with a 14.40:1 compression ratio.