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Progear Chevy Small Block Timing Sets

For over 100 years, Progear has been designing and manufacturing OE and performance timing sets like these for Chevy small block applications.

Reviewing Cloyes’ Race Billet True Roller Timing Set

As part of our small block Ford Dream Engine Build, we utilized a Cloyes Race Billet True Roller timing set, so we took a few minutes to give the product a review. https://www.cloyes.com/high-performance/race-billet-true-roller-timing-sets/

Perfect Timing: The Nuances of Timing Components

Because modern vehicles have so many electronics to control the engine with crank and camshaft timing sensors, engine builders need to make sure the alignment of the timing chain is “dead-on.”

Timing Chain
LME Billet Timing Chain Guide

The LME Billet Timing Chain Guide allows you to delete off the factory tensioner that is known to fluctuate and fail at high RPM and high boost levels. This will improve performance and reliability. For a limited time, (until Halloween) these are running 202$. The normal price will be 225$ after OCT 31st. If you

LME Billet Timing Chain Guide
All About Timing Chains

If you’re building late-model dual overhead cam (DOHC) engines, you’ve probably noticed that a chain rather than a belt drives the camshaft. But why is this the case when chains are more expensive to produce?

California Pony Cars Mustang Timing Chain Cover

California Pony Cars’ timing chain covers fit Ford Mustang, Falcon, Fairlane, Galaxy, Mercury Cougar, Comet, Bronco, and many other Ford product applications using the 289, 302 and 351W engines.

Cloyes Timing Chain Water Pump Kits

Three new kits from Cloyes offer product line coverage for more than 5.1 million vehicles-in-operation.

COMP Cams High Energy Timing Sets for Jeep 4.0L Applications

COMP Cams now offers two excellent performance upgrade timing chain sets without breaking the bank.

50 Years of Performance Timing Sets

Timing sets aren’t the most glamorous or trick item in a racing or street engine, but it is a very necessary piece. If your timing isn’t right, the list of engine damage can get lengthy.

Cloyes Expands Timing Chain Water Pump Kit Line

The three new kits from Cloyes are for Nissan, Infiniti, and Suzuki 3.5-liter and 4.0-liter V6 engine applications.

Timing Chain Replacement Tips

In this video, Melling Technical Director Cale Risinger reviews the timing chain replacement procedure for the GM 2.0L, 2.2L AND 2.4L ECOTECH engine.