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Timing Chain Replacement Tips

In this video, Melling Technical Director Cale Risinger reviews the timing chain replacement procedure for the GM 2.0L, 2.2L AND 2.4L ECOTECH engine.

Cloyes Offers Complete Repair Solution with VVT Chain Kits

Designed for the replacement of worn or damaged timing chains, tensioners, sprockets, guides, and VVT actuators, also known as cam phasers, Cloyes timing chain VVT kits are the convenient solution when replacing all major components in a timing chain job.

BorgWarner Launches its New Low-Friction Timing Chain

BorgWarner’s next-generation 6.35 mm inverted tooth silent engine timing chains are launching on engines from Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Hyundai, General Motors Korea and one Chinese automaker. The innovative engine timing chain is designed to reduce friction, resulting in as much as 0.3 to 0.6 percent improvement in fuel economy based on customer testing. BorgWarner will produce

Quieting Down Chrysler’s Versatile 3.3L And 3.8L Engines

These engines have a mixed reputation for being high-mileage, dependable powerplants as well as noisy motors that can fail at relatively low mileage. First introduced as a family back in 1990, these engines have been upgraded and improved to provide good torque for the necessary applications, reasonable fuel economy and a reputation for durability and

GM 2.2L Ecotec Timing Chain Service

Prior edition service manuals refer to the timing chain index links being colored “silver” and “copper.” With the implementation of the newer chain and oiler assembly, the index link colors have changed. In order to avoid confusion, the service procedure has been modified to refer to the index links as two common colored and one