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A Better Way to Remove Valve Springs

Danny Soliz of Hill Country Performance & Machine has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to make engine work a little easier. He’s great at working smarter not harder, and in this latest video he shows you a great way to remove valve springs and keep some of those valvetrain components organized.

Tips and Techniques from Lucas Oil to Keep Vehicles and More Protected During the Cold

Supercars, motorcycles, hot rods and even riding lawn mowers all have engine oil systems, fuel systems, transmissions and other components that require winter prep.

Lucas Oil Tips
August 2022 Shop Solutions

August tips and tricks for the shop!

Shop Solutions – May 2017 Edition

I call this my “Easy Riser” for Harley cylinders. It is a 2.5L GM block that I have bored to two different sizes to accommodate different cylinder bottom sizes. I use bolts installed into head bolt locations to prevent rotation of the cylinders. I only hone cylinders on this, boring is still done on parallels. This is way easier than horizontal honing on a Sunnen rod hone with a cylinder hone adapter.

Distributor Installation Tips

Properly installing your distributor involves a little bit more than just stabbing it in and setting the timing. Here’s how to check the distributor depth to make sure you don’t cause premature wear.

Five Points to Ponder Prior to PRI

Being an FE Ford fan, and having raced them, and still owning several, “Animal” Jim enjoyed Engine Builder’s article about FE Fords in the April Issue. Jim has been in love with FE’s since his brand new ’63 R code he had when he was 22. In this article he share’s five points prior to the 2014 PRI show.

Phoning it In: 5 Tips On Handling Price Shoppers

In order for people to buy engine services from you, three things need to occur: they need to like you, trust you and view you as a credible engine builder.