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Turbosmart TS-1 Externally Wastegated Turbocharger

The TS-1 series are oil-cooled turbochargers with lightweight stainless steel cast turbine housings and a proprietary bearing and main shaft combination.

Turbosmart OPR Turbocharger Oil Pressure Regulator

The Turbosmart OPR V2 is the world’s first returnless regulator that achieves target oil pressure through Turbosmart’s patent pending flow control strategy.


The new Tomei Turbo Charger MX-Series and BX-Series has finally arrived and is available for purchase at https://www.tomeiusa.com/turbo/.

Video: Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator Service

Whether it’s a diesel or gas engine, the turbocharger will have a wastegate. This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

PurePower Technologies’ 6.6L Diesel Turbo for the Aftermarket

PurePower offers assembly, remanufacturing and 100 percent end-of-line testing for high-volume, high quality turbos for light-, medium- and heavy-duty diesel truck engines, having recently invested significant capital in reman turbo production capabilities.

BorgWarner S400SX-E Super Core AirWerks Series Turbochargers

BorgWarner has added an S400SX-E super core to its successful line of AirWerks series turbochargers. Featuring an 88-mm inducer Gen-C7 forged milled compressor wheel, this new high-performance unit enables an engine to achieve over 1,575 horsepower per turbocharger.

DEI Premium ONYX Series Turbo Shield and Shield Kit for T-4 Turbochargers

DEI’s ONYX Series Turbo Shield is now available for many popular OEM and aftermarket T-4 sized turbos including Garrett and Mitsubishi. While first introduced for the GT22 and GT25 turbocharger, DEI has built on the popularity of its ONYX Series line to offer this same premium product for the T4.

Mahle Original Turbochargers

Designed to enhance performance, reduce fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions, MAHLE Original turbochargers are available for high-performance and high fuel-economy diesel and gasoline engines.

HKS GT2 8262 Turbocharger

Brand new from HKS is the GT2 8262 Turbocharger. The 8262 turbocharger is the latest in the GT2 series. A step up from the popular 7460 turbocharger, the 8262 is designed for power output between 400-520 HP.

How a Turbocharger is Made

How It’s Made takes us through the creation of a Turbonetics turbocharger.

Mercedes Formula 1 Turbocharger Technology

After a long stay in the naturally aspirated arena, Formula 1 has returned to turbocharged power, and the units used on the 1.6 liter six cylinder engine are among the most advanced in the world. Despite the fact that this year’s formula only employs one turbo, rather than the conventional two for six cylinder engines, the difference is made up in innovation. Formula 1 has concocted their own novel way to combat turbo lag, using their Energy Recovery System.

TDI engine VNT turbo

How a TDI engine VNT turbo works and what causes them to fail and go into limp mode or produce low power.