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Turn 14 Distribution Adds TiALSport

Turn 14 Distribution has added a new selection of turbo accessories through the addition of TIALSport to its line card. TIALSport designs and engineers high-quality products for today’s performance turbocharging systems. From wastegates to blow-off valves, TIALSport’s competitively priced products are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures without reducing reliability. “TiALSport’s renowned reputation as a premier manufacturer of

Pankl A1 Turbocharger

Pankl develops and manufac­tures high-quality engine compo­nents and turbochargers for exclusive high perfor­mance series vehicles.

Boosted Diesels: Inside Turbo Systems and Nitrous Combos

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good turbo system…

Diesel Turbo Systems
Diesel Turbocharging Options

When it comes to turbocharging your diesel engine, there’s more than one option to consider. We breakdown those options and what you should think about for different applications. AMSOIL Garage is brought to you by AMSOIL INC.

MaXpeedingRods T3 T4 T04E Universal Turbocharger Kit

The MaXpeedingRods Universal Turbocharger kit offers users the opportunity to add substantial power for a reasonable price.

Picking a Turbocharger Kit

Turbocharger kits come with many different parts that all require attention when buying. This is why searching through quality kits is important.

Diesel Turbocharging

If you’ve ever seen a compound-turbo setup, you can clearly see it is not a twin-turbo setup. Why do diesels utilize compounds over twin turbochargers? We first need to move back to the basics of engine design and engine airflow consumption rates.

Engine Thermal Management

As automotive manufacturers look for every way to improve engine performance and reduce emissions, they are taking a closer look at how the cooling system can manage temperature while using less engine power.

MaXpeedingRods Introduces New Turbochargers

MaXpeedingRods is revamping its line of turbochargers and creating three new lines – Original, Street Performance and Sport Performance – to satisfy every enthusiast.

Standard Motor Products Expands Turbocharger Line

The new, no-core turbocharger offering from Standard ensures distributors have no core deposits, no core collections, no core returns, and no core inspections.

MaXpeedingRods GT35 Universal Turbocharger

The GT35 turbo, which is a universal application turbo, is fit for any four or six-cylinder engine, as well as 3.0L-6.0L engines.

Harts Diesel and Machine Announces New Turbo Division

Harts Diesel and Machine, known for its line of high-performance diesel parts, is expanding with the formation of Harts Turbo, a division focused on street/strip applications. Roger Conley will lead the new division as director of business development. Conley is a 30-year veteran in the high-performance aftermarket.  “I am excited to work with the Hart