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Garrett G25 Turbocharger with Internal Wastegate

Garrett has launched a new line of turbochargers that are close to the BorgWarner EFR turbochargers – the G25 series.

Power Up Those Engines

Selecting the Correct Power Adder for Your Customer There’s no replacement for displacement,” goes the adage. However, this may no longer true considering the kind of horsepower being pumped out of today’s boosted engines. Whether you’re building engines for stock, performance or a diesel application, chances are you’ll be working with an engine that is

Honeywell to Use Garrett as Company Name for Transportation Systems Business

Honeywell has announced its Transportation Systems business will rebrand itself “Garrett – Advancing Motion” upon successful completion of the previously announced spin off, which is expected to close before the end of the third quarter.

Wabtec Acquires Turbocharger Aftermarket Supplier, Melett

Wabtec Corporation has acquired Melett Limited, a designer, manufacturer and supplier of turbochargers and replacement parts to the turbocharger aftermarket.

Turbochargers: Boost Your Turbo IQ

In the past decade, turbochargers have found their way onto more engines in cars and light trucks than ever before. By 2021, predictions by some experts cite turbocharged vehicles will reach up to 38 percent of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. Once thought of as only a means to increase performance on exotic

Garrett by Honeywell Performance Turbochargers 

At the 2016 SEMA Show, the Garrett by Honeywell brand of aftermarket performance turbochargers unveiled the most significant series of upgrades to its product portfolio in a decade.

Owen Developments Range of GBT High Performance Turbochargers

Long established independent high performance forced induction specialist Owen Developments is set to disrupt the existing turbocharger marketplace with the launch of a range of self-branded, external wastegate turbochargers – called GBT.

BorgWarner Expands North American Reman Turbocharger Line

BorgWarner is expanding its North American REMAN turbocharger line to include turbochargers of all brands. REMAN—or remanufactured—turbochargers combine the quality of a new original turbocharger with the competitiveness of a remanufactured system.

Steve Morris Engines’ House-Built V16 Engine

Steve Morris Engines has unveiled an in-house built V16 with quad turbochargers that is slated to appear in the much-hyped and much-criticzed Devel Sixteen hyper car. The amount of horses is insane.

Join PERA for a Webinar on Engines and the Growth of Turbochargers

While the focus of this presentation will cover combustible engines, a large part of the presentation will also cover the exponential growth of the turbocharger applications that are creating a new and highly profitable revenue stream for the aftermarket industry.

Forced Induction Facts

Many articles outline the guidelines and basic knowledge to follow when installing some form of a forced induction system. Sometimes you’ll see the “quick and easy way” to upgrade an existing forced induction system, like a turbo, supercharger and/or nitrous oxide system. What if your customer wanted a bigger turbo for a diesel engine or decided to change the pulley size of the supercharger, or maybe use a bigger shot of nitrous on a street car?

Honeywell Projects 49 Million Turbocharged Vehicle Sales Per Year By 2019

Honeywell Turbo Technologies released its Global Turbo Forecast that estimates the industry will generate $12 billion in revenue by equipping 49 million vehicles with turbochargers annually by 2019.