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Twin-Turbo LB7 Duramax Engine

It’s not very often you find a diesel engine featuring true twin turbos, and it’s also not very often you find a diesel-swapped muscle car. However, this week we bring you a build that features both! This twin-turbocharged LB7 Duramax was built by Wagler Competition and then installed in a Z28 Camaro by Lavon Miller and Firepunk Diesel. Check it out!

Turbocharged 6.0L Powerstroke Engine

In an era where so many diesel folks opt for a Cummins build, it’s refreshing to see a badass Powerstroke catch your eye. Harlan Clemons is one of those Powerstroke guys, and his turbocharged 6.0L was a sight to see at the Ultimate Callout Challenge. Check it out!

6.0L Powerstroke
1952 Chevy with a 6.7L Cummins Engine

Mickey Unverstagt’s ’52 Chevy is a strikingly restored vintage pickup on the outside, and a down-to-business drag truck on the inside — complete with a decked-out 6.7L Cummins powerplant under the hood. Check it out!

6.7L Cummins
Johnny Gilbert’s All-Billet 6.7L Cummins-Based Pro Mod Engine

We got to catch up with Johnny Gilbert of Stainless Diesel during the 2022 Ultimate Callout Challenge. He was there for the weekend with his team and a brand new Pro Mod Corvette, which houses an insane, all-billet, 6.7L Cummins engine built by Jeremy Wagler of Wagler Competition Products. It’s our Diesel of the Week, which

Iron Rod – a 1947 Federal with Dual Cummins Engines

WelderUp owner and TV personality Steve Darnell went to great lengths to build this vintage 1947 Federal welding truck, which has a 5.9L Cummins under the hood and a 4BT Cummins powering a Lincoln SA200 welder in the bed. This truck defines power in the front and utility in the back. Check it out!

Custom Welding Truck with Two Compound-Turbo Cummins Engines

Motivated by the steel industry and those coming back from WWII who got into welding, Steve Darnell built this custom welding truck complete with a 12-valve 5.9L Cummins as well as a 4-cylinder Cummins engine – both compound turbocharged. We got the details of the build during the 2022 Ultimate Callout Challenge.

3,000-HP LLY Duramax Engine

Brett Deutsch’s 1969 Chevy C10 currently holds the record for the fastest diesel-powered Pro Stock truck in the quarter mile. Under the hood is this single-turbo LLY Duramax engine. Check it out!

LLY Duramax
Derek Rose’s Triple-Turbo 6.7L Cummins Engine

Derek Rose of DNR Customs has one fast Cummins truck. In fact, it’s currently the fastest 4WD diesel truck in the world! Check out the triple-turbo 6.7L Cummins engine under the hood!

triple-turbo 6.7L Cummins
Billet Aluminum 460 Duramax Engine

Tony and Tyler Burkhard of Dirty Hooker Diesel are staples in the diesel world and of the Ultimate Callout Challenge. The Duramax-focused shop always brings its A game to the competition. This year, DHD utilized a few new goodies inside its 460 Duramax for their truck Last Minute Hooker, and even added triple turbos for

Dirty Hooker Diesel’s Turbocharged 460 cid Billet Aluminum Duramax Engine

Last Minute Hooker is a storied truck in UCC history, and this year, owner Tony Burkhard and his son Tyler continued that legacy with a third-place podium finish at the end of the weekend courtesy of their turbocharged 460 cubic inch billet aluminum Duramax engine. Check it out!

DHD engine
Hot Shot’s Secret Sponsored Competitors Fill the UCC 2022 Podium

Hot Shot’s Secret, a high-performance lubricant brand, congratulates Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored racer Justin Zeigler for his recent Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC) championship. The Amsoil Ultimate Callout Challenge continues to set new records and has become the premier event for diesel competition in the USA for 1/8-mile drag, dyno and sled pull competition.  The three-day

Compound Turbo 6.4L Deck-Plated Cummins Engine

One truck that New Performance Automotive owner Steve Burton is especially proud of and continues to develop is customer David Petrick’s 2007 four-door short bed Dodge with a 6.4L Cummins in it. David has been competing in a number of diesel events around the country, including Smoke & Speed’s King of the Street in Ohio