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Join PERA and UEM for a Webinar on Piston Coatings

Ken Carter of United Engine and Machine will talk about piston coatings and how they are revolutionizing piston fit and wear.

UEM Dualoy Diesel Pistons

United Engine & Machine has launched its new Dualoy Diesel Pistons. Dualoy Diesel Pistons are made from two alloys, an aluminum casting with an iron top ring carrier bonded in. UEM’s design gives the top ring a much harder surface to operate on.

UEM Pistons Launches New Website

United Engine and Machines’s (UEM) new website makes piston selection fast, simple and economical. As the largest piston manufacturer in North America, UEM is proud to announce the launch of its new website. UEM produces cast and forged pistons in variety of forged and cast aluminum alloys that meet and exceed the requirements of today’s high