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Goodson Neway Valve Seat Covers

Neway Valve Seat Cutters have been around for years. The cutter assemblies first appeared in the Goodson catalog in 1994 but the replacement blades have been included since 1988.  Quality engineering and ease of use are hallmarks of the Neway Seat Cutting System and it has changed little over the years. Key features include: Adjustable

Inside DuraBond

A look inside what makes the bushing and valve seat manufacturer tick.

Cautioning on Valve Seat Concentricity

If the valve seats are not concentric to the valve guides, the valves will not seal effectively. When it comes to gas engine re-manufacturing, the subject of valve seat concentricity is a very serious one. Concentricity, as we are discussing here, is the relation between the centers of the valve guides and the centers of the valve