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Check Out What’s New at Dura-Bond Bearing

New transmission bearings, cam bearings and valve seat options.

All About Those Valves

We recently sat down with Ryan Hamilton and Phil Data of SBI, as well as D&J Precision Machine owner Drew Pumphrey to talk about everything valves – problem areas, materials, sizes, angles, valve jobs, seats, and even springs. Check out this latest Intellectual Horsepower episode brought to you by SBI.

Silver Seal Products’ Magnum 45 Valve Seat Wheels

An excellent wheel to use on diesel engine tractors and trucks.

SMX Cylinder Head Gets New Valve Seats – Part 2

Watch as Steve Morris walks through the remaining processes of cutting a new seat and fitting it into the head. If you missed Part 1, check it out here:

Machining a Cylinder Head for Valve Seats – Part 1

Steve Morris Engines recently finished machining a new SMX cylinder head, and now it’s time to machine in new valve seats. Watch as Steve walks through the whole process of cutting a new seat and fitting it into the head!

What Happens When Dry Ice and a Valve Seat Combine?

Steve Morris Engines recently shared a video cutting a brand new SMX cylinder head for valve seats, and he shrunk them for an easier fit using dry ice. Watch what happens!

Exacta DD Valve Seat & Guide Machine Center

For under $30K, Joe Baker Equipment Sales is offering this Exacta DD valve seat and guide center.

CHE Valve Seats

Excellent for extreme temperatures seen in high-horsepower applications, working especially well in nitrous and turbo applications.

How to Install Valve Seats and Get Proper Press Fit

In this episode of Danny Soliz Says, Danny shows you the steps to properly install new valve seats. He also stresses the importance of having the right press fit in order to avoid dropping seats.

Converting Cylinder Heads for Unleaded Fuel

In this episode of Danny Soliz Says, Danny walks you through the steps needed to convert a cylinder head to run unleaded fuel.

Goodson Neway Valve Seat Covers

Neway Valve Seat Cutters have been around for years. The cutter assemblies first appeared in the Goodson catalog in 1994 but the replacement blades have been included since 1988.  Quality engineering and ease of use are hallmarks of the Neway Seat Cutting System and it has changed little over the years. Key features include: Adjustable

Motorcycle Valve Seats

As it related to valve seats, it is important to know a bit about the different materials used and when and where it is appropriate to use them.