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Is Lower Viscosity Oil Better?

As OEMs continue to face pressure for better fuel economy, the recommended oil in vehicles continues to move toward lower viscosities. However, are those lower viscosities better for your engine? We discuss the differences in oil viscosity and how it helps your engine in this episode of AMSOIL Garage.

Oil Clearances and Options for LS Engines

Oil clearances will not always be the same for each application. It is up to engine builders to decide what your customer’s oiling needs will be.

Diesel Oil Viscosity Options & Weights

Today, in the AMSOIL Garage, Engine Builder editor Greg Jones breaks down the key things all you diesel folks need to know in regards to oil viscosity options and oil weights depending on your vehicle application and use. This video is brought to you by AMSOIL.

Oil Viscosities Explained

What different oil weights and viscosities really mean and how they effect your engine.

Why the Heavy Weights of Drag Racing Choose Light Weight Oils

Long before the oil ever enters the equation, the process to facilitate use of power-enhancing, low-viscosity oils begins with the engine builder.

Viscosity 101

In this installment of Oil Viscosity 101 from Driven Racing Oil, Lake Speed Jr. explains why viscosity is the single most important property of a lubricant. Company: Driven Racing Oil