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Stef’s Performance Products’ 3-Gallon Dry Sump Tank

Stef’s Performance Products’ 3-gallon, truck pull, aluminum, dry sump tank features a 9″ diameter, 19″ overall height, and a two-piece design.

Aviaid G-Line Dry Sump System

Designed for muscle car and sport compact applications, kits are available for small block and LS series Chevy engines, small block, and modular Ford, plus Chrysler “LA” engines.

Aviaid on Configuring a Dry Sump Oil System

Dry sump oil systems provide many important benefits, such as the elimination of power-robbing windage, no loss of oil pressure from hard acceleration, braking or cornering, and reduced engine wear thanks to an ongoing supply of cool, clean lubricant.

Dry Sump
Moroso Three Stage, Reverse Rotation Tri-Lobe Dry Sump Pump with a V-Band Mounting Flange for Noonan Hex Front Drive

Moroso introduces Part # 22333, a three stage, reverse rotation Tri-Lobe dry sump pump with a v-band mounting flange for a Noonan hex front drive. This pump is light weight, efficient and features an external bypass for ease of adjustment. It has a spur gear 1.800 pressure section and variable spring rates optimize your oil

Moroso Sump Pump
Oil Pumps – Pump Up The Volume to keep Engine in Tune

The Right Oil Pumps and Systems Keep Your Engines In Harmony This month we’re going to take a look at the component that can be considered the heart of your engine, the oil pump. Whether it’s a wet sump, dry sump, crank-driven, shaft-driven, etc. it is responsible for supplying the required oil that no engine

The Science Behind Wet Sump Oil Pumps & Oiling System Upgrades

All automotive internal combustion engines are equipped with some type of pressurized oiling system. Oil lubrication is essential for reducing friction, preventing wear and cooling vital engine components. Pumping oil to the main and rod bearings creates a friction-reducing hydrodynamic film between the bearings and crank that allows the crank to spin with minimal friction.

Wet & Dry Sump Oiling Systems

Choosing the Right System for the Right Job