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Imports and Dry Sump Oil Systems

As import cars’ performance on and off the track continued to grow, their factory wet sump systems simply couldn’t handle the performance and the development of dry sump systems for the popular imports was in high demand. But why a dry sump?

Dry Sump Oil
Moroso BBC GEN V/GEN VI Street/Strip, Steel Wet Sump Oil Pan

This Moroso Oil Pan is designed with a sump that has flat sides to alleviate header clearance problems with some exhaust header brands.

Moroso Oil Pan
Moroso GM 4.3 V6 ECOTEC3 LV1 Aluminum Wet Sump Oil Pan

This Moroso oil pan features a race proven diamond shape four trap door assembly, removable windage tray and anti-slosh baffle that keeps oil contained in oil pump pickup area during Road Racing, Drifting and Drag Racing.

Moroso Oil Pan
Moroso BBC Mark IV Offshore Marine 10″ Deep Steel Wet Sump Oil Pan

This Moroso deep steel wet sump oil pan with marine baffling is perfect for tractor pulling and mud drag trucks.

Moroso Oil Pump
Schumann’s Paddle Wheel Oil Pump

The “Paddle Wheel” design provides extra exit velocity in feet per second at a rate of 2×1 over normal gear-to-gear methods.

Oiling Systems for Grassroots Racing

Priority one when choosing an oiling system for any type of racing (grassroots or professional) is to establish what the rules allow and prohibit. Somebody has to read the rule book. Whether that’s you or your customer it doesn’t matter. The oiling system has to fit within the framework of the rule book. Period.