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Rottler Report with Bryan Neelen of Late Model Engines

Bryan Neelen is the owner of Late Model Engines, an engine machine shop located in Houston, TX. The shop specializes in high performance LS and new LT engine development, all of which are machined on Rottler Manufacturing machines, including their new H85AX. “Once you dial in the sizing it’s very precise and can run cylinder

Remove Your Camshaft and Lifters Easier

Work smarter not harder! In this episode of Danny Soliz Says, Danny shows you how to remove your camshaft and lifters in an easy fashion without damaging the lifter bores or the lifters themselves.

Mike Finnegan’s 711 cid Twin-Turbo Hemi Jet Boat Engine

With a 455 Olds next to him throughout his childhood, Mike Finnegan learned to love the roar of a V8 engine. This influenced him to get into racing jet boats himself. You’ve likely seen his most recent jet boat set up – a 19-ft. Peterson Place Craft called Game Over with a 711 cubic inch

Never Use Scotch-Brite on Aluminum Heads

Scotch-Brite may have some usefulness in the engine shop, but one place it should NEVER be used is on aluminum cylinder head deck surfaces. Using Scotch-Brite is the equivalent of strapping a chain to the cylinder head, having a buddy stand on it and dragging it behind a car on the street. Your results will

Custom-Built Two-Cylinder V-Twin Chevy Engine

Yes, you can see and hear this engine fire up! Do us a favor and just watch the video. Johnny Gardner, a 50-year motorcycle rider and a 40-year Sprint Car engine builder, recently completed this build using old Sprint Car engine parts and made this unique V-Twin Chevy awesomeness. Check it out!

Danny Soliz Says – Document Your Work

Danny Soliz of Hill Country Performance & Machine says no matter what you’re working on when it comes to engines, you should always document your work, especially when it comes to cylinder head work and all the valvetrain components involved. Danny also gives a few bonus tips in this episode.

1-on-1 with Alba Colon of Hendrick Motorsports

Like many of us as youngsters, Alba Colon had dreams of being an astronaut and going into space. Having become a mechanical engineer, she was a lot closer to achieving that dream than most of us. However, space travel didn’t end up becoming Alba’s reality. If you can’t go to space, you might as well

Alba Colon
1,000-HP Big Block Chevy Engine

When customers brought in a vintage, Lingenfelter-built, big block Chevy engine, Mike Moran was given free reign to do what was necessary to make more horsepower. Find out what Moran Motorsports did to upgrade the engine and just how much horsepower it picked up! Plus, get an overview of Moran’s custom engine dyno room!

Danny Soliz Says – Tip on Balancing Pistons

Danny Soliz of Hill Country Performance gives you some tips and tricks about balancing your pistons and removing weight.

1-on-1 with Cynthia Gauthier, Monster Jam Driver

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her or from listening to her talk so passionately about motorsports, but Cynthia Gauthier went to school for accounting to become a CPA. Cynthia, originally from Quebec, Canada, didn’t start racing until she was 18 years old. She may have started later than most, but the seeds of

Intellectual Horsepower – Ep. 5

We breakdown the recent news in racing and motorsports – everything from NASCAR and LeMans updates to the future outlook of the automotive industry to legends of the sport we recently said goodbye to, and more.