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Chris Varni’s Orange Crush – Turbocharged 400 cid SBF Engine

If you’re familiar with the Street Outlaws No Prep competition, chances are you’ve seen a 1988 Fox Body Mustang called Orange Crush. Driven by Chris Varni, Orange Crush features a 400 cubic inch small block Ford engine under the hood built by Nick Dixon and the guys at Pro Street Engines in San Antonio, TX.

Jesse Warren’s 6.4L/6.0L Compound Turbo Powerstroke Engine

Jesse Warren and Warren Diesel Injection have been competing with a 6.0L Powerstroke F-350 for more than a decade. However, after breaking multiple blocks, Jesse recently switched to a hybrid 6.4L/6.0L Powerstroke engine set up, and it’s just as badass as ever. See for yourself!

Avoiding Contaminated Diesel Fuel

When covering the topic of contaminated fuel, we are effectively opening pandora’s box – that being said, we’re willing to risk it to give you folks some very necessary knowledge when it comes to your diesel fuel and proper fuel system maintenance. To start, you might be wondering what contaminated fuel means? Fuel contaminants can

4.9″ Billet Hemi ‘Big Dawg’ Engine

When we spoke with Darrell Makins, shop manager of Noonan Race Engineering in Spartanburg, SC, the shop had 60 billet blocks in queue for production. Noonan Race Engineering starts each build from an 815-pound raw chunk of aluminum. With 60 engines on deck, that makes for nearly 49,000 lbs. of raw aluminum. After getting machined,

1-on-1 with Cometic Gasket’s Bob Gorman

Cometic Gasket was founded in 1989 with the concept of developing custom engine gaskets. Founder and Owner Bob Gorman wanted to supply people with what they truly needed, not with what they were forced to buy. Today, the company operates out of 78,000 sq.-ft. and has become one of the premiere gasket brands in the

D&J’s Drew Pumphrey and the FSR Piston

We’ve been collaborating with D&J Precision Machine for a little while now to help create more diesel content for you all to enjoy. Shop owner Drew Pumphrey and the whole team at D&J are always upping the game when it comes to diesel engine work and component production. Whether it’s building the fastest diesel engine

Supercharged and Nitrous-Boosted LS7 Engine

We met up with Ray Lichtenberg at the 2021 Hot Rod Power Tour during the first stop of the tour at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH. He showed us his LS7 engine he had just completed for his all-wheel-drive 1987 Buick that was parked at the Continental Tire booth.

348 Chevy Stroker Engine

When Neil Riley graduated high school, he was eager to get his hands dirty in the auto industry. He landed a job as a diesel mechanic, but soon had a desire to build performance engines and found himself at home at Newco Performance Engines in Kentland, IN. He started working at the performance engine shop

Rocker Arm Tech – Part 3

In the previous two rocker arm videos, Steve Morris discusses rocker arm styles and types and the different rocker arm stands that there are. In this episode, he discusses rocker arm geometry and its impact.

Rocker Arm Tech – Part 2

In part 1 of this 3-part series on rocker arms, Steve discussed different rocker arms and rocker arm stand set ups. In this video, he goes over the rocker arm styles and what you should be looking for depending on your application or horsepower goals.

ZSR’s 438 Small Block Ford Engine

Looking to break out with an engine shop all his own, Zach Smith wanted to make sure his shop would have a niche market. He chose to build only Ford engines since those were the powerplants his family always raced with. Zach and his wife Tori opened ZSR Engines in 2015. The shop was initially

Rocker Arm Tech – Part 1

In this episode of Steve Tech, Steve Morris breaks down the fundamentals of rocker arms, rocker arm stands and valvetrain rocker arm geometry. Class is in session!