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Advertise with Engine Builder

Engine Builder provides technical, business 
management and marketing information to
 engine builders/rebuilders serving all segments of 
the engine aftermarket, from passenger car and light truck to performance, racing and heavy-duty diesel.

Engine Builder’s multiple channels aim to reach the professional engine builder with timely news, updated technical and new product information no matter what platform they are using. Founded in 1964, Engine Builder magazine is the only audited, monthly business publication serving the custom engine, performance engine, automotive machine shop, medium- and heavy-duty gas and diesel production engine building markets. Engine Builder’s primary objective is to help readers produce high-quality engines and machining services and to maximize their business operations.


Engine Builder Magazine


Qualified Circulation: 15,062

Pass Along Distribution: 32,360

Total Magazine Audience: 47,422

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Pageviews: 147,996

Unique Visitors: 78,852

Visits: 95,691

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Frequency: Weekly

Circulation: 11,402

Total Open Rate: 30%

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